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10 Bay Window Decorating Ideas

A bay window is an outward projecting window frame and sill that increases the size volume of the room.

Bay windows can dramatically increase the atmosphere of your room, by adding more natural light and the illusion of more space – which is why they are unsurprisingly popular in living rooms and family rooms. A bay window can also add a functional seating or desk space, given the large windowsill, or even space for more storage or ornamental features.

If you’re looking to add a bay window to your home, speak to a dedicated window fitter beforehand as you may need to alter the structure of your home before changing a window, but once the hard work is done you can play with interior design to maximise the effect a bay window can have on your home. Consider these 10 examples of beautiful bay windows for ideas on how to work your window and get the most out of it:

1. Floor to ceiling curtains

 window Floor

Make you windows feel even larger and add a touch of luxury with muted toned curtains that stretch the entire height of the room.

2. Open up a busy kitchen

bay window with plant

If you have a room that feels cramped or crowded, by colour or appliances, a bay window can provide a bit of breathing space.

3. Bright is better

all-white kitchen

If you’ve given yourself an all-white kitchen, you’re probably looking for attracting as much light into the room as possible. Adding a rectangular window brings you even more natural light, which is diffused by the reflective and white surfaces.

4. Brand new desk space

desk space

Turn your expanded windows into a home office, with enough space for a computer, books, and a few select home comforts. Bonus design points if you have a room with a beautiful view!

5. Bay window breakfast bar

Bay window decor

Similar to popular coffee shops, add a breakfast bar to your bay window idea and give yourself a space to sit and gaze out of the window with your favourite tea or coffee.

6. Informal seating area

Informal seating area

If space permits, you can add an entire table and seating area to your bay window – a great idea to add an informal place to dine to your kitchen.

7. Expand your room with a wide bay window

bay window decorating

Keep things elegant with a low key, but large, bay window to maximise space for family time.

8. A place for pets

comfy pet bed

Do you have a pesky pet that you adore but lacking space? Create a comfy pet bed out of a bay window and spoil your best friends!

9. Elegant drapes

Elegant drapes

A narrow bay window can have a wonderful effect on a room. Go with subtle golden drapes for an upmarket appearance.

Room expansion

10. Widen your entire room

bay window decoraing ideas

Get the feeling of an entire room expansion by creating a bay window that stretches to the entire width of the room, and create a family seating or dining area.

A bay window can be a simple buy effective addition to any room. Would you consider adding a bay window to your home?

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