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10 Autumn Table Decorations Ideas

Autumn is without a doubt the most beautiful and transformative season we experience in the Northern hemisphere. We believe that such a wonderful change should be celebrated and we should fully show our appreciation for nature.

Autumn decorations certainly aren’t mainstream, but there are many available that add a rustic autumn charm to your dining table, highlighting our thankfulness for nature and brightening up our homes as winder approaches.

We’ve gathered ten incredible examples of Autumn table decorations that showcase our appreciation for nature and help us to celebrate the season with our family and friends:

1. Natural looking patio decorations

Table Decorations
Eating outdoors can bring us a bit closer to nature, so why not incorporate this into our table decorations? Go for oranges, reds and greens to tie it all together.

2. Minimal homemade leaf trees

homemade leaf trees
Make your own mini autumn trees by attaching fallen leaves to small twigs and resting in small jars. This is a wonderful autumn equivalent to table flowers.

3. Gathered candles

 dramatic lighting
Add dramatic lighting to your table with lots of candles of various heights, surrounded by fallen brown leaves.

4. Pine cone table setting

Pine cone table setting
Pine cones are a fantastic decoration – they can be put almost anywhere and spray painted to match your décor perfectly. These green ones were painted to match the evergreen plants.

5. Warn autumnal tones

Warn autumnal tones
Autumnal colours are primarily orange, red and yellow. Add a variety of coloured fallen leaves to your table amongst bright candles to make the most out of the colours.

6. Single fall leaves

Single fall leaves
A single fallen leaf at every place is a fantastic minimal touch that ties your autumn theme together. Leaves can also be spray painted to any colour- though we suggest brown, red and golden hues.

7. Autumnal centrepiece

Autumnal centrepiece
If you’re creative, you can create your own astonishing centrepiece. You might need plenty of time and patience, but you can find all the resources you need in your back garden!

8. Stylish autumn decorations

Stylish autumn decorations
If you want to create a centrepiece that ties into the colour palette of your room, get out the paint and go wild. These monochrome pumpkins are fantastic!

9. Traditional pumpkin candles

 pumpkin candles
Nothing says autumn like candles and pumpkins, so tie the two together and turn your pumpkins into candle holders!

10. Varied centerpiece

Varied centerpiece
Create a table centrepiece with lots of smaller items in the centre of your table, you can then update this as your needs change.

If you’re a fan of autumn and are looking for the perfect way to show this in your home, this is your inspiration. Don’t forget to add a touch of your own creativity into the mix!

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