White Limestone with Tv Above
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Attractive stone fireplace ideas

Attractive stone fireplace ideas has become a trend when before some homeowners even did away with it. Now its image is being improved because of the fantastic decorative design that it could do to a living room. Some homes with fireplaces have opted out not to use them for lighting fires but to use them as focal points. Some went to the trouble of updating the look and even chose to have real fires lighted on them. Whatever the choice and preference would be, here are some stone fireplace ideas guaranteed to make the living room attractive.

 1. White Limestone with Tv Above Fireplace

White Limestone with Tv Above

A TV was placed above this electric fireplace and the result was fabulous. The use of rough white limestone to surround the fireplace and TV made this living room look fantastic.

2. Rough Brown Stones Fireplace

Rough Brown Stones

Rough brown stones covering the entire wall of the fireplace made it look sensational combined with wood floors and furniture. The effect that it has on this dining room area is rustic and charming. This is a great idea to use in country homes.

3. Blue and White Stones Fireplace

stone fireplace

The fireplace was exposed and round blue and white stones were placed on it from the top and surrounding it at the same time. This made it stand out and made the living room look amazing.

4. Stonewall Furniture Layout Fireplace

Stonewall Furniture Layout Fireplace

The stonewall that surrounded this electric fireplace in the bedroom is the focal point. The big beams of wood placed on the wooden ceiling blended seamlessly to the stone walls of the fireplace.

5. White Colored Stones Fireplace

White Colored Stones

The white colored stones used on this exposed fireplace are a great design. This became the focal point of this living room and the big lamp is a nice accent.

6. Brown Colored Stonewall Fireplace

Brown Colored Stonewall

The brown stonewall of the fireplace blended very well with the wood ceiling and the brown colored square blocks on the walls behind the bed. This made the bedroom look warm and cozy. It also made the bedroom look fantastic.

7. Whole Wall Brown Stonewall Fireplace

Whole Wall Brown Stonewall

The brown stonewall that filled up the whole wall of the fireplace looks lovely in this living room. It matched beautifully with the wood floors and the brown furniture. This made the living room amazing.

8. Wood Brown Colored Stonewall Fireplace

Wood Brown Colored Stonewall

The brown colored stonewall on this fireplace with a huge slab of wood on the mantel looks wonderful. It gave character to the living room and placing a round beautifully designed mirror above it enhanced the image.

9. Multi Colored Stones Fireplace

Multi Colored Stones

This is a fantastic design of a stone wall placed in the fireplace. The multi colored stones and their different sizes made this fireplace beautiful. The chimney was also formed by using this colored stones and the effect that it has on this living room is fabulous.

10. Blue Smooth Stones

Blue Smooth Stones

The blue smooth stones used in this fireplace are a wonderful design that contrasted very nicely with the shiny brown floors. The unusual shape of the stones above the fireplace is a unique design and is the focal point of this room. The old fireplace design was still used and the stone walls just improved it.

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