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10 art deco inspired furniture And Interior Designs

Art Deco style was influenced by Art Nouveau’s use of motif depicting nature, sunrises, flowers and shells but of course, as time passed, it was replaced with angles and curves.

Today, we will be looking at 10 art deco inspired furniture And Interior Designs which are influenced with Art Deco. You will notice that the prominent colors are glossy black, chrome, silver, yellow and red. Although of course, the use of beige, cream, off whites, oysters and shades of green are obvious too! In the next photos, you will be seeing more of lines, angles, animal skins and prints and feature walls to give you an idea of what you could go for when buying art décor inspired furniture designs as you create your art décor inspired interiors.

1. Black And White  Art Deco inspired bedroom


Purple contemporary bedroom with a contemporary bed,white bedding,a shinny purple bed cover with hospital corners and pillows on top has the same color of that of the bedding.On each side of the bed,there is a grey contemporary stand with some books,flower vase with flowers in it and a lamp shed stand on top.The wall is in grey,a purple carpet covering the whole room and a window on the other side of the room with a curtain on it.

2.Contemporary Dining Room With penguin art decor

Contemporary-Dining-Room With penguin art decor

A dinning room with two penguin art decor,a contemporary dinning table with a lamp shed stand in the middle,two white contemporary chairs on the right side of the table and on the opposite,a white storage with some decors and lamp shed stands on top,the wall is in white,blue roofing and the floor is wooden.This dining room is covered in white from the wall to the chairs therefore,blue,black,grey and green color schemes seem to add up in this room.

3.Contemporary Hall


A contemporary hall with different art pictures on stuck on the wall,the passage and stairs are made up of wood,the wall is in grey and it is made up of wood on some parts.Along the passage which is upstairs to the right there is an open door and a wooden chest drawer that has a lamp shed on top is seen from the room and there is a window at the end of the passage.Art work is used in most parts of this room.

4.Contemporary Home Office With Black white silver art deco look

Contemporary-Home-Office mirrored glass console table. Black, white, silver art deco look”

Contemporary home office with black,white and silver art decor,mirrored glass console table with a book and a lamp shed stand on top and a chair beside it,shelving with some books and decorations on them.There are white long curtains,a patterned carpet covers almost the whole room,a stand with flowers on top and some decors underneath,a mirror and a picture are stuck on the wall on the other side of the wall.

5.Eclectic Bedroom With art deco look of desk and table

Eclectic-Bedroom With art deco look of desk and table

Eclectic bedroom with art decor look of desk and table,a bed is positioned to the right side of the room,white and grey patterned bedding and the pillow on top has the same color of the bedding.On the other side of the bed,there is a storage with a decor and a lamp shed stand on top,the wall and floor are in white,wooden desk and table with a lamp shed stand,a book and flowers on top and it has silver top.

6.Eclectic Bedroom With Elegant Deco White Lacquered Dressing Table

Eclectic-Bedroom With Elegant deco white lacquered dressing table

Eclectic bedroom with elegant decor white lacquered dressing mirror and flowers that adds color to this room on top of a table and there is a chair.The wall is in yellow and a brown carpet covers the whole room therefore,the flowers and the color of the wall in this room adds up to make the room look more colorful and stunning.

7.Modern Bathroom


This bathroom uses white,blue and black color schemes that makes this room look colorful and outstanding.Everything used in this bath room is modern e.g taps,decor and a sink with a storage underneath.Wow who would not like to have such kind of an elegant bathroom as we leave in a modern world now.

8. Different Art Décor Furniture Styles


A traditional bath room with a diamond patterned curved into its facade,so it harmonizes with the blade and it has decorations on top that makes the room look more stunning,the wall and floor are made up of towels and the bathroom has different classic pieces of furniture like a mirror stuck on the wall and a storage below it.

9. Vintage Art Deco Living Room


Transitional living room with a fire place with a TV and other decors on top,a glass table that has some books and flowers on top and it is positioned in the middle right on a blue carpet in the middle of grey sofa and shinny wooden contemporary art curved sofa with on each side of the room and they have white backs and sits. A side stand with flowers on top,pictures stuck on the wall,green flowers on each corner side of the room and the wall is made up of glasses on the other side of the room.



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