Amazing Wall Paints and Wallpaper

Amazing Wall Paints and Wallpaper that can be used in addition to your room design. Painting or wallpapering walls of the home is a very important thing to consider when planning the interior design. Walls can make or break any decor or furniture or design that will placed on it. Wall colors that are blah or flat will never give character and personality to the room. Worse, they may even drag the whole design down and you are left with a mess. A good wall paint that gives oomph could do wonders even for ordinary furniture. It will brighten the room, give it a lively feeling and even get admiration kudos from your family and friends.

Here are a few suggestions on how to make that wall look amazing.

1. Undercover Staircase Accent Wall Decor

Undercover Staircase Accent Wall Decor

Wall paints do not have to be bland if it can be bold. Bold colors light up the room and add pizzazz to it. This example of using a fiery red is a case in point. Combining or contrasting another wall color would be great as long as they do not clash.

2. Lime Wallpaper

yellow green wallpaper

Wallpapers can do wonders for a wall. As shown, the yellow green wallpaper placed on the walls of this dining area made it look fantastic. Wallpapers can also be combined with plain wall paint like what has been done here and look great.

3. Two Color Paints combination

living room combined two color paints

This living room combined two color paints on the walls and made it look gorgeous. A lighter beige color gave the perfect contrast to the darker shade of yellow and complemented the furniture and decor that was placed on it.

4. Half Day Designs Mural

Half Day Designs Mural

Painting a mural on the wall is like having a big artwork placed on it and it is a great design. As shown, the mural of a tree that was painted on the walls look beautiful and gave the proper backdrop for this living room.

5. Original Wallpaper Powder Room Yellow

Original Wallpaper Powder Room Yellow

Bathrooms are great places to have wallpapers set up. Proper use of colors and designs could make them come alive. As shown, the wallpaper was placed on the upper walls to complement the wall paint color of the lower walls. The clever design is using the same wallpaper design on the curtains.

6. Beautiful Yellow Dining Room

Yellow Dining Room

The use of a striking yellow for a wall paint look awesome in this dining room. Contrast color of black wall pictures and furniture gave personality to this dining area. Touches of white further added to the image.

7. Captain Dining Chairs Black Walls

Captain Dining Chairs Black Walls

As a rule, black is never used as wall paint color since it could darken a room. Picture here shows how rules can be broken and how fantastic the result. Since the ceiling was painted white, it contrasted beautifully with the black walls. Use of white furniture enhanced the image.

8. Wallpaper Picture Concept

accent wall wallaper

The use of picture frame design wallpaper placed on this wall is wonderful. Your very own pictures could act as décor.

9. Art Deco Portion

Art Deco Portion

Wallpaper can be used on a portion of the wall and make it look like an art deco. This home office did it very well.

10. Comic Book Cover Wallpaper Mural

Comic Book Cover Wallpaper Mural

This is an amazing wallpaper design for a boy’s room. Comic books wallpaper made the room beautiful.

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