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Adorable designs for an attic space

Adorable designs for an attic space brings out artistic design. Attic rooms used to be those neglected, dark and gloomy rooms that are dirty and dusty and may even harbor mice and spiders. Now it is trending and you are even considered to be lucky if you have an attic in your home. Designs have improved the image of the humble attic as it has been found out that the skylight that an attic normally has is a fantastic design idea. Attics are now versatile rooms that can be converted into a master’s bedroom, a small guest room, a home office and even a bathroom.

Here are some design ideas that can make your attic space adorable.

1. Homeowner Attic Space

Attic Space

This attic space could actually be rented out for extra income to the homeowner. A kitchen was built on it and a separate entrance. This was turned into a small apartment that has the wonderful and natural lighting coming in from the skylight.

2. Large Attic Space Usage

Large Attic Space Usage

This large attic space was turned into an opulent master’s bedroom that looks awesome. The addition of skylight windows brightened the dark brown color theme of the bedroom and highlighted the big bed, the rich color and pattern of the large Persian rug and the gold colored floor lamp.

3. Red Attic Room

attic room ideas

Widening the skylight window and putting an arbor design on it made it look marvelous against this small library that has a daybed. This is a perfect hideaway to just curl up in the daybed and read a book.

4. Clean Small Attic Room

Clean Small Attic Room

This white over shiny brown floors attic bedroom is a fantastic design. The small bathroom added to it just fitted to the small space and made this a fantastic looking tiny apartment for a single person.

5. Lovely Yellow Room

 small attic bedroom

This small attic space became a lovely small bedroom with yellow green walls and a white ceiling. The small porthole light lets in natural lighting highlighting the room making it look bright and cheerful.

6. Christmas Lights in Bedroom

Christmas Lights in Bedroom

The skylight at the back of the bed lighted up the small white attic room and makes it bright and gorgeous. The black floors contrasted nicely white interiors and bed and the large white area rug is a nice accent.

7. Girl Design Attic Room

Attic Room

The attic space was made into a girl’s bedroom and it looks lovely. Tucking the bed in a corner away from the skylight makes it look cozy. The skylight let in natural light and brightened this white bedroom making it cheerful.

8. Elegant Sofa Placement

small attic space

This sofa that was used in this small attic space has a clever design. In the daytime bed can be tucked below the sofa and at night pulled out for a bed.

9. Fabulous Bedroom Large Attic Room

Fabulous Bedroom Large Attic Room

This large attic space was converted into a fabulous bedroom. The large wood beams in the ceiling matched the floor and the period piece wood furniture.

10. Adjustment Concept

 small bathroom

This is a clever use of space and design that a small bathroom was built adjacent to the bedroom. The green walls of the bathroom contrasted perfectly with the white walls and floor of the bedroom.

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