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10 Stunning Eco friendly interior design Ideas

The biggest trend of late is going green. With an increasing number of people opting to take a step towards a greener planet, it’s high time, you gave your home a green makeover that is not only eco friendly, but also is aesthetic enough.

There are numerous ways by which you can include green elements in your home decor, and with the right tips you can easily make sure that you are going eco friendly with your decor. Using recycled accessories, green paint etc is great ways of imbibing an eco friendly touch in your interiors.

There are many ways of doing good to our environment, simple things like pot of green flowers in your living room or dining can make a huge different in making our environment eco friendly.  Have a look at these below pictures for Eco friendly interior design Ideas. 

Zen Eco Friendly Living Room

zen living room

Bamboo shoots have been used by the window to glam it up. The wall behind the chairs features wooden panels for an eco friendly touch. The chairs are low seated almost like a Japanese house and while the centre table is quite low.

Stainless Eco Friendly Kicthen  Interiors

eco friendy kitchen

This kitchen features metal work all over its decor, on the countertops, the drawers, the oven, the grill etc. On the wall sits a rectangular painting featuring abstract art. The kitchen counter is narrow and a vase with a fern sits on it along with other equipments. The kitchen lights are interesting with little birds sitting on them.

Eco friendly Dining Room

6 diners dining table

This decor is quite stunning and features a wooden dining table with 6 chairs around it. The table has light wooden polish to it sitting by the living room setup. The two arm chairs are part of the living room decor. The beautiful chandeliers lights up the room in the most glamorous way. The room is substantially laid out and has enough space.

Dark Wood Dining Table And Art Déco on Walls

use of flooring in this eco friendly dining room
Thus dining room decor is quite stunning, featuring wall plates with faces decorating different part of the room. The dining table is rectangular with 8 chairs around it. The cupboard by the table adds a lot of storage space to the room for the glasses dishes and also for decorative items like the wall plates. A rug in beige matches the rest of the decor.

  Little Sitting Space

sitting area with 2 modern chairs

This little sitting space is not only adorable to look at but also is quite compact. The two chairs are quite chic, while the throw in cushion in aquamarine blue adds colour to the decor. The rug on the floor is free form and features animal print. The floor is in light wooden shade and the curtains come all the way to the floor.

Organic Materials Stuffed Bedroom

wool stuffed bed,headboard and foor stool

For a touch of green, wooden sticks have been piled together for accessorising the room. The bed sits in the centre with beige sheets. The pillow is in milk white shade for a comfortable look.

Eco Friendly Wooden Ceilings

eco friendly moedern living room

This living cum dining setup is compact and aesthetic. It features a lot of woodwork and green here in there. The ceiling featured wooden panel work as well with concealed lights.

Beach Style Kitchen Design

Beach style kitchen

This all white kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. The walls, floor and the furniture are in wood with a white polish. The hanging lights feature eco friendly shades. The kitchen is well equipped and has a lot of storage space.

Dining Area With Green Plant

dining with green plant
Quite brightly done up this dining room decor features a round wooden table with 6 chairs upholstered in white. The chandelier is circular with LED lights, which are eco friendly.

Wooden Cabinets And Walls

eco friendly wooden walls

This bathroom has been given a cabin like look with wood work by the tub and the basin. The floor and wall have tile work on them. A lot of storage space is available coutesy multiple drawers under the sink.

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