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10 Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Scandinavian counties include Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Scandinavian interior design includes a simple, minimalistic, and functional design. It is mixed with a new and exciting ideas involving old looking and stressed furniture.

The overall design of this concept should look comfortable and charming. Scandinavian interior design provides a homely and captivating feels to your senses. The Scandinavian concept have the shades of white, soft dove grey, off whites and soothing tones of nature. Pastels will work well in this concept for it will provide softness to a room. White will give your room an illusion that it is bigger than the usual thus you will be completely maximizing your space with white.

1. Simple and minimalistic Living Room

minimalistic Living Room

Take a look at this design. The dominant color is white. It simple and minimalistic in style which what defines a Scandinavian interior.

2. Living room has a huge mirror

 huge mirror

This living room has a huge mirror and thus giving volume to your room. The dominant color is white. It is simple yet classy.

3.  Scandinavian concept living room

 brown and white in Living room

This living room has shades of brown and white. It simple yet elegant and at the same time it can be deduced as vintage too. This Scandinavian concept is pleasing to the eyes.

4. Century apartment in Sweden

 Sweden has a great interior

This century apartment in Sweden has a great interior. You would definitely want to stay in this apartment because of the gorgeous interior. The interior keeps you calm and is conducive for a peaceful night if you just want to read with the fireplace on.

5.  Contemporary apartment Living Room

contemporary Living Room

This design approach in Stockholm gives beauty to this contemporary apartment.

 6. True Scandinavian interior Design

true Scandinavian interior

A true Scandinavian interior will have a wooden floor. The colors would be preferably light.

7.  Stylish Scandinavian Interior Wood Cladding

Interior Wood Cladding

Do not be afraid to show wood as your dominant material in your house. This is one of the major bases of having a Scandinavian interior.

8. From architecture to furniture

 luxurious and comfortable living room design

The form of clean lines from architecture to furniture will give your house a luxurious and comfortable design.

9.  Minimalist style Living Room

Scandinavian living room  interior

This is a graphic Scandinavian living room  interior. It simple yet elegant if you take a look on it, and it has a minimalist style. The dominant colors are black and white and it definitely defines Scandinavian interior.

10. Lofty Swedish house

concrete fireplace

This house has a concrete fireplace and is a lofty Swedish house.


If you want a simple yet classy and chic home of apartment, have a Scandinavian concept as your interior design. This is a great form of comfort and function to your homes.

If you are following a Scandinavian concept, never forget the basics about Scandinavian interior design. The palettes should have a white, grey, or any pastel color to give off a Scandinavian aura. Wood is very important in this concept so do not be afraid to show it. Do not forget to retain things simple yet classy. The Scandinavian interior follows a minimalist concept. Also remember that it is important to maximize the spaces and have tricks to make your space more in volume. The function of this design is to make it fully livable. Do not forget that this concept should be eco-friendly.

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