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10 Dogs Grooming Sink Designs

The grooming area for dogs is important as they are also a part of the family. To give them a separate place where they can nestle in their own shelter is imperative for others to follow as well as take better care of the dogs. Hygiene is another factor that is to be looked after. Equipments for the dog should be of good quality and the structures that are required to be build up must not carry any sharp object or harmful appliance. Good towels are a must for dogs. Their bathing kit is also another area which you have to consider it wisely. There are many ways by which you can arrange a dogs grooming sink or an entire area devoted to dogs. Even if you are running out of space makes sure you work upon the trick.

1. Smog Shower

Grey polished granite sink

The dog grooming sink is made of granite which is of grey colour yet it is polished. A big box shaped sink is placed in the grooming area of the dog which makes it comfortable for them to take a bath in.

2.  Yellow Mud Room


Yellow mud room with granite shelves

The grooming place for dogs have lots of granite shelves and there is also a structure which is of steel where dogs can be rested and things can be kept with the unique part of it being movable.

3.   Room With 19th Century Feel

Dogs grooming room with  a laundry section

The grooming room for dogs have a feel of 19th century and it has laundry section as well. There is a ceramic bathtub embossed in flowery print and also two washing machines. With the given space combining all the requisites are appealing.

4. Farm House Laundry Room

Shower area with blue granite tiles

Blue granite tiles are fitted which acts as a shower area for the dogs and two washing machines in steel make it look even sharp and crisp. The shower area is on the higher side for the convenience of the dogs.

5.   Beige Polished Sink

The place is filled with a single wallpaper

The place is filled with a single wallpaper of the pictures of small dogs embedded on them with a beige colour polished sink for the dogs and there are wooden cabinets all over with black polished twin sized washing machines.

6.   Shower Area With White Coloured Marble Walls

Modern and chic shower area

There is a glass door in the shower area which has walls made of white coloured marbles. Equipments of dogs are kept outside the shower area. The look is very modern and chic.

7.   Modern Bathroom

Bathing area with a high platform

Place in white marble acting as bathing area for the dogs with a high platform is kept for the dogs where washing of the dogs as well as shower is fitted.

8.   Classic Elizabethan Look For The Dogs

Traditional attire with red and pink colours

A classic Elizabethan look for the dogs is set up in traditional attire with red and pink colours. Laundry equipment as well as coloured wallpaper gives it a royal appeal.

9. Galvanized Tub Sink

Steel sink with a shower fixed  to it

A single high rising vase kind of structure acts as a sink made of steel with shower fixed to it and a basket is also kept near to it.

10. Sink And Faucet

Dogs grooming  white porcelain sink design

An all white porcelain sink that is wide enough for the dogs is set up and it also has cabinets in white which completes the look of the area.

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