Kid's room design with stripes painted wall
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10 Cool Room Design Ideas

All the room decor and designs is what a person notices when he or she comes to your house to pay a visit. You definitely want to be among the ones that does not have an outdated room design. You can browse through pictures of living rooms, to find inspirational ideas for sofas, sectionals, fireplace mantles, tables and many more things. Not only will you find cool room design ideas for designing rooms in your  your home but also ideas for bed headboards, decorative pillows and other accessories for your room.

1.   Transitional Family Room


Family room with a cocktail table

The room has free standing bookcases that have been painted a shade darker than those on the walls. This makes them look like built in shelves. The cocktail table is used in a round shape that goes well with a light colored sofa.

2.   Dining Room With Silver Walls And Ceiling

Traditional dining room design

The dining has room has been painted in silver walls and a silver ceiling. There are trims of white borders along the ceiling to make the silver look continuous. It has a huge wooden dining table with two glass candle stands. The room has a gold and silver look which makes it very luxurious.


3.   Eclectic Living Room

Living room with the royal look

The Prussian blue colour on the walls and the matching silk drapes in the living room enhance the royal look. The clean chairs in similar turquoise colour goes well with the abstract coloured flooring. The white lamp gives the room a stunning finish and a complete look.

4.   Contemporary Home Office

Home office with a bone colored table

The bone coloured table and floral printed brown chair goes well with the wall colour. The table has been placed in front of a window to grab all the beauty outside. The fresh flowers and colour palette is great for office work.

5.   Living Room With A Fireplace

Living room designed in an old fashioned manner

The room has been designed in an old fashioned manner. The metal supports hold the burning wood in the fireplace. The room has dark brown backgrounds with white molds. The large white frame like structure which has a golden framed centrepiece looks great.

6.   Kid’s Room Design

Kid's room design with stripes painted wall

The stripes painted wall in turquoise blue and cocoa brown shades gives the room a very lively look. The darker shade sofa goes well with the playful background with the many cushions in all different shades from the color palette.

7.   Baby Room With A White Baby Coat

Baby's room design


The wallpaper used is in grey tones so that it does not look very loud. The color presence on the chair, blanket and in the artwork is in harmony with the mix of stripes and camouflage

8.   Traditional Dining Room Design



A fireplace in the dining room is always great. This is the most traditionally designed dining room that has simple wooden table and matching leather chairs with a printed back support. The ceiling light is simple yet looks beautiful.

9.   Contemporary Family Room

Family room with pictures decor


The different coloured pictures and the pop art frames on the plain white wall looks stunning. To add to the quirkiness a statue of a half man in black sits right beside the low table where the television set is kept. The red chair adds to the much needed colour in the room.

10.   Brick Structure Room Design

Modern kitchen

The room has been designed based on a brick structure. The custom made cabinets are in rosewood color and the table is made of granite. The chairs have been made with soft cushions to provide the comfort that you need and has steel legs. The black lights matches well with the decor of the room.


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