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10 Basement Basketball Court Ideas

For the sports fan, there’s not much better that adding a sports court to your home, that you can use anytime day or night, by yourself or with friends and family. Whether you’re an aspiring sportsperson, or just enjoy playing for fun, installing a basketball court into your home is the ultimate luxury getaway.

All you need is an unused basement room to install a basketball court in your home, and even if you’re limited on space you can install a half court or even a smaller court for practicing shots, dunks and lay ups.

If it’s for you, for the children, or for entertaining guests, we’re sure you’ll get the inspiration and motivation you needed to install your own court after seeing these ten examples of home basketball courts:

1. Small Basement Court

Professional looking court
Proof that you don’t need a huge basement to transform it into a basket ball court. This professional looking court makes the most of a small basement.

2. Court With Viewing Platform

Basement basketball court
Keep an eye on your children using the court without cramping their style by installing a viewing platform from the ground floor of your home.

3. All Red Court

Court with a dramatic atmosphere
Create a dramatic atmosphere in your court by going for a bold colour that matches your favourite team colour.

4. Children’s Mini Basketball Court

Mini court with padded walls
For little ones, create a mini court with padded walls so you can relax and breathe easy as they play rough.

5. Home Gym With Basketball Court

Basement basketball court
For fitness fanatics, add a sports court to the side of your home gym to give you more options to work out.

6. Basketball Court And Climbing Wall

 Basement basketball court
For a multi use space, don’t add lines to the floor, but install a basketball hoop to one wall and a climbing wall to the other. That way, children aren’t limited to one activity.

7. Stylish Farmhouse Gym

Breathtaking court
This breathtaking court was installed in a farmhouse and we’re in love with the all-wooden style. Its easily accessible from the main home and isn’t hidden or closed off like typical basement rooms.

8. Modern Court With Balcony

Light and airy sports court
This light and airy sports court adds a bit of a professional style with a viewing balcony.

9. Relaxing Basketball Room

Sports court
This sports court is a mix between a practice room and a room for relaxing – a perfect getaway for teenage boys.

10. Multi Use Gym

Half court gym is used for other fitness methods
This half court gym is used for other fitness methods. The smooth surface allows other gym equipment to be used when the court isn’t in use.

So now you see how simple and effective a basketball court can be in your home, a stylish and fun equivalent to a usual basement.

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