Unique Tree Branches Inspired Wall Lamp By Insidherland

Wall Lamp

The Tree Branches wall lamp handcrafted in hammered patinated brass is a conceptual approach, designed to recreate the sunbeams that pierce the density of forests. The clean lines of this stylish piece have the same technique of the original side table, using a more detailed approximation as if we were closely looking to a single branch that hides us from the sunlight while we stand in its shadow. Therefore, the light only appears on a secondary plan, brightening the wall around it.

 Stylish View Of  The Tree Lamp Pattern



tree lampDetailed view of the nature inspired wall tree lamp .

Tree Lamp On the Interiors Of a Room

tree lamp on the interior walls

In interior designing it is the small beautiful pieces of art that brings in the wow factor in a room and this amazing wall lamp just  has that wow factor.

Tree lamp Inspired by Tree Branches

tree branchesThis shows the special creative side of  Joana Santos Barbosa the designer at insidherland in designing  the wall tree branches inspired wall lamp. It is about the celebrating nature and its beauty.

Created by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand of exclusive author design. Drawn with the signature of the creator, all creations are closely connected with personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative contemporary designs that wisely interpret the mysteries of the natural World.

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