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Great Modern Headboard Ideas

Headboard Ideas can be a good focal point and could also add personal touch to your bedroom especially that these can be customized. Choosing a headboard for your bed can be quite difficult at times. You have to choose carefully because this would provide you comfort, storage and display for your bedroom. A headboard is a piece of furniture attached to the head of the bed. Back in the old days, headboards are used to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings and are usually made of wood. But nowadays since most homes are insulated, the use of headboards has become more on aesthetic functions. It is not just for aesthetic, some still use headboards to keep themselves warm during the night and some uses it for storage.
In choosing a headboard, it should complement the design of your interior. Do not waste so much money on your headboard. It is always best to be practical on things. It is always best to know the size of your room. Having a very large headboard in a small bedroom would mean disaster. Have a headboard that is proportional to your bed and bedroom. Have a headboard that is made of soft material to provide you comfort. Use striking colors and patterns for more comfort. You can use leather for a contemporary and luxurious look in your room.
1. Country Style Metal Headboard

 Choose hard materials

Image source: Torring

For a masculine look, choose a wood for more bold lines. This would also be great for country-style bedroom. If you want a chic and urban feeling, use a metal headboard.

2. Creative Spacious Multi-functional Headboard

headboard with storage

Image source: Mez

Usually, people would want a headboard that is multifunctional. You can use the headboard as a divider in your bedroom. You can also use it for storage of your bed sheets and other linen.

3. Sophisticated and Contemporary Bedroom

 size of the headboard idea

Image source: Teknikarsitek

Headboard sizes can change the look of your bedroom. Having big headboards can give your bedroom a look of sophistication and contemporary look. Small headboards would create a minimal look.

4. Inspiration Headboard

brown headboard with lighting

Image source: Celes

Having an inspiration for your headboard is important especially if you do not have an idea of what headboard are you going to have.

5. Fabric Canopy Headboard

Fabric Canopy Headboard

A fabric canopy as an extension of your headboard will create a dramatic mood in the room.

6. Silk Wall Traditional Headboard

Silk Wall Traditional Headboard

A silk wall upholstered in the room will complement an adjacent brick wall. You can use this to replace a traditional headboard.

7.  Grey Tone Headboard

Grey Tone Headboard

The grey tones against the terra cotta background would make the headboard a piece of art. The rectangular design brings attention to the straight bed.

8. Brown Secondary Room

Brown Secondary Room

You can use artworks as your headboard if you do not want a massive one. In this bedroom, two small pieces of art and then flanks the bed with two display cabinets to highlight the bed this transitional space.

9. Large Neutral Headboard

Large Neutral Headboard

A Zen inspired room that has a headboard like this would be perfect. The neutral tone used on the headboard combined with the rich espresso wood and a striking backdrop makes everything pop.

10. Beasley Gray Beige Bedroom

Beasley Gray Beige Bedroom

This headboard with gray tones and bedding would complement the terra-cotta accents would give comfort and style to the person using the bedroom.




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