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Fantastic Lamp designs to liven up the room

Fantastic Lamp designs to liven up the room are one of the most useful decorative designs that need to be used in all the rooms in the house. Careful and clever way of planning and placing of lamps could make the room mellow, and highlight the good points. Lamps are also needed in our night stands for better lighting while reading a book. Lamps now come in very trendy and fantastic designs that would surely make your head spin as you might like them all! Here are a few ideas that we’ve picked up that could surely light your home the way you want it to be.

 1. Marvelous Style Lamp

Marvelous Style Lamp

Picture here shows four stunning style of lamps that could surely be a marvelous addition to any room in the house. The fantastic designs can also be good conversation pieces.

2. Fantastic Button Lampshade

Fantastic Button Lampshade

Buttons were bonded in this beige and silver lampshade and looks fantastic. The black buttons contrasted beautifully with the silver stand of the lamp.

3. Abyss Led Lamp

Abyss Led Lamp

This modern designed lamp is a work of art that could be a perfect décor in any room of the home. It is adjustable and can be shaped into a longer one. The led lights in it are bright enough to light up the area nearest to it.

4. DIY Crocheted Lampshade

DIY Crocheted Lampshade

This is a creative and artistic design that you can do yourself. The simple bulbs were wrapped in hard plastic and a crocheted design placed over it and you have a fantastic piece of lamp. This can be done in several shapes and sizes based on preference and taste.

5. Yellow Colored Map Lampshade

Yellow Colored Map Lampshade

A map wrapped around a period piece lampshade now looks fantastic. The gold color of the lamp’s base matched perfectly with the yellow color of the map.

6. Volume Lamp

Volume Lamp

This type of lamp is what the designers call the “volume lamp”. The amazing thing about this lamp is not just the design but the fact that you can flatten it when not in use.

7. Unique Design Wall Lamp

Unique Design Wall Lamp

This is a fun design for a wall lamp. It is also a unique design and would look great lighting up hallways and can also be used in the bedroom.

8. Hangeliers Lamp

Hangeliers Lamp

These lamps look stunning when viewed from afar and when looked closely would surely bring delight and admiration. The artistic use of wood and silver hangers placed close together with a simple bulb inside it becomes a marvelous lamp.

9. Recycled Cups Lamp

Recycled Cups Lamp

These are real cups and saucers that got recycled and now used as lamps. Putting them under floating shelves would not only give perfect lighting to objects below but the fun design wouls surely give a boost to the room it is being used.

10. Extraordinary Tea Set Lamp

Extraordinary Tea Set Lamp

This lamp will surely be a conversation piece wherever you will place it on. The artistry that was done to this extraordinary lamp is fantastic. The base of the lamp is a complete set of tea things and the white color would fit into any interior design of a room.

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