Mad Mix Teal Colored Decoration

Fabulous Christmas Teal Decorations

Fabulous Christmas Teal Decorations makes you feel the essence of Christmas through different kinds of decoration. Christmas will always be a magical time for all of us. It is the time when our schedules go haywire trying to catch up on deadlines, shopping, and decorating. Christmas won’t be Christmas when the home doesn’t have any decorations however small. For this important season we’ve come up with décor ideas that have teal as its theme to make your Christmas fabulous.

 1. Teal Colored Stocking

Teal Colored Stocking

Teal colored stockings hang on the fireplace is a lovely idea that diverts from the usual reds and greens Christmas colors. The teal vases are a nice touch.

2. Boots Christmas Decor

Boots Christmas Decor

This teal and gold boots décor comes in threes and they would look fantastic when hanged up on the tree or wherever you may want to place it. It is a unique design that would surely delight the heart of a teenager.

3. Silver Christmas Balls

Silver Christmas Balls

A dark colored wood bowl full of teal and silver Christmas balls and set on top of a wood table looks lovely and original. The light teal colored runner on the table further enhanced the teal Christmas balls and the teal pillow is a nice touch.

4. Red Polka Dot Reindeer

Red Polka Dot Reindeer

The red polka dot reindeer with a small teal Christmas ball tied to its neck is fantastic. You can actually make different reindeer colors with the same teal Christmas balls tied to their necks and make it a teal Christmas. The goblet with teal Christmas balls is a nice touch.

5. Hanged Colored Balls

Hanged Colored Balls

This is a great design for using teal Christmas balls. It can be hanged on the walls together with other colored balls and make your walls lovely.

6. White Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree

This white Christmas tree decorated with teal and green Christmas balls look magical. The white tree made the teal colored balls stand out and made a stunning image.

7. Mad Mix Teal Colored Decoration

Mad Mix Teal Colored Decoration

This is an awesome design using a mad mix of all teal colored decorations and placed all on top of a dark wood cabinet. The teal walls and teal colored decorations made a beautiful contrast to the silver mirror and tree.

 8. Outdoor Wreath Christmas Decor

Outdoor Wreath Christmas Decor

This teal mistletoe is lovely and placed on a teal colored door looks fabulous. The small teal colored gift boxes that surround the mistletoe are a work of art and the big teal ribbon to complete the picture is fantastic.

9. White and Turquoise Christmas Decor

White and Turquoise Christmas Decor


The white giant Christmas tree looks fantastic with the teal colored ribbon placed on top and was let hang nearly to the bottom of the tree. The teal ribbon is a great idea to take the place of the usual star on the treetop. The Teal colored Christmas balls made the tree look fabulous. The large teal throw pillow and the white dog with a teal ribbon around its neck are awesome touches.

10. Ribbon Wrapped on the Chair

Ribbon Wrapped on the Chair


Using ribbons for decorations are great ideas. In the picture, a teal with design ribbon was wrapped around the back of the chairs and coupled with a teal colored and other colored balls made for an awesome decoration for the dining table.

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