Super Mario Mushroom Lamp

Cool and Unique Design for Desk Lamps

Is reading your past time? Are you used to reading on your living room or fond of reading a few lines of your favorite book before you turn in for the night? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you know the value of having desk lamps. A desk lamp provides adequate light to aid you during your reading time and prevents you from getting any eye sight problems. There are a lot of designs you can choose from but sometimes they tend to look very traditional. But do you know that there are a lot of cool desk lamps available in the market that will suit your need? Here are some of the cool designs for a Desk Lamps.

1.  Titanic Table Lamp

Titanic Table Lamp

The movie Titanic is what inspired the creator of this first picture. The idea of an object that sunk into the water is what he wanted to reflect on this lampshade.

2.  Super Mario Mushroom Lamp

 Super Mario Mushroom Lamp

The above picture is inspired by the video game Super Mario or Mario Brothers. Its mushroom shape looks exactly the same as the villain’s soldiers in the video game. This lamp gives bright light which is a reflection of its colorful cover.

3. Space ships and aliens Lamp

Space ships and aliens Lamp

Space ships and aliens in Alien Abduction is what inspired the above cool desk lamps design. The lamp is designed with the top portion as the space ship with aliens that try to get the cow using their light ray, which serves as the body of the lamp.

4.  Bulb Shaped desk lamp

lamp inside a bulb light style

Who says abstract can only be applied to paintings? The next picture shows an abstract desk lamp. With its transparent material, the lights can easily pass through making the room brighter.

5.  Smart  Customized Foldable Lamp

foldable and extendable lamp

If you are looking for a desk lamp that can be customized or can be hidden when not needed, the above picture is the right one for you. This foldable and extendable lamp that you can use during late night reading and fold it when you are done.

6.  Stone Pile Lamp structure

Stone piled Lamp structure

Is your bedroom or living room theme related to the sea? Then you can use the desk lamp on the next picture. Its stone piled structure makes it look relaxing and innovative.

7.  Multi-legged insect Inspired Lamp

unusual luxury lamp

Be playful and get this little boy replica lamp.  It is multi-legged insect  like lamp in white colour made of two part  fibreglass with mold-white lacquer finish.

8.  Military-inspired desk lamp

military-inspired desk lamp

Do you want something military inspired? The above picture shows a military-inspired desk lamp with the green-black color and at the same time with a grenade like post to hold the lamp shade.

9.   Candle Holder with Handle Holder Lamp

candle inspired lamp

If you wanted something that will reflect the old designs of the lamps then you can get the lamp on the above picture. The lamp looks like a candle that was just lighted to be used in the room.

10.   Numbers inspired Table Lamp

numeric design lamp

Lastly, your love for numbers can also be applied to your lamp designs. This lamp design was inspired by the movie Matrix that is why the entire design is about numbers.


There are still more designs you can explore but these ten the best and unique design so far.







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