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10 Unique Styles Coat Racks For Hanging Clothes

Unique Coat racks are important especially to countries where people should wear coats. Coats prevent people from cold and keep them warm while they are outside of their homes. Coat racks are usually placed in the foyer or beside the door so that guests or people living in that house can hang their coats after they went out or they can wear it before going out with ease. Usually, accompanying a coat rack is a rack where you can also put your umbrellas and hats.

Now, coat racks can also come in style while playing its function. Here are some ideas on how you can have a cool and unique coat racks.

1. Knifehook Rack

Knifehook Rack

This awesome idea made by TC Studio where having knife hooks as coat racks. The hooks are simply screwed in the wall. This is also a funny way to hang your clothes.

2. Hook Box Rack

Hook Box Rack

This rack is multipurpose. You can hang your coats and at the same time put your phones, keys, and other stuff in a small compartment above each rack. You can also hang your hat and umbrella if you wish. This is a clever way of storage, function and organization.

3. Axe Coat Hanger

Axe Coat Hanger

This rack style may look brutal but it is pretty catchy and not boring at all. Most coat racks are boring and this is a new design where it turns the boring part into an interesting one. Some of your guests might even be surprised at first glance but in the end, you would just laugh it off with them.

4. Ninja Star Coat Hook

Ninja Star Coat Hook

Have you ever dream about becoming a ninja? This coat rack design might make your dream come true. This design would make you house look as if you are in a stealth action scene. The stars are made with strong nickel plated zinc alloy but one tip is replaced with a screw so you can hang it on the wall. Now, that would be a wonderful action thing in your house.

5. Mountain Design Coat Rack

Mountain Design Coat Rack

Another action like design for a coat rack is a mountain like rack where as if bears will come and slaughter you. You can hang it anywhere and hang anything on it.

6. Multifunction Coat Rack

Multifunction Coat Rack

This multifunction coat rack can also be used for your umbrellas, hats and other accessories. You can stand this anywhere for a better organization.

7. Clothes Hanging Rack

Clothes Hanging Rack

This is an interesting coat rack because it is actually from the ceiling. It is not the typical hang on the wall or stand up coat rack and it is made of ropes. It is like an Indiana Jones themed coat rack.

8. Letters Coat Rack

Letters Coat Rack

You can now use letters as a coat rack. If you want a unique coat rack, you can have it. You have quotes or just random words and letters as design.

9. Office Clip Hook

Office Clip Hook

Who says paper clips are only for papers? You can also use them as a design for your coat racks. A new innovation that you will love for sure.

10.Dart Coat Rack

Dart Coat Rack

If you are a darts fan or you just want to have an exciting coat rack, this is a design for you.

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