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10 Stylish French Pleated Curtains

Curtains have the power to transform an entire room using their style, shape, and colour. French pleated curtains which hang the entire height of the room can make your room feel instantly larger, provide an elegance to the room, and a touch of privacy to elongated windows. Adding tall, pleated curtains can cheat the eyes and when hanged around a small window, make the windows appear larger and give the room a more intimate feeling.

It’s a very chic and understated addition to a room that can kick a bit of glamour into the most simple and even masculine style homes.

If you’d like to add a splash of Parisian style to your home, look no further that these examples of French pleated curtains to add a classic charm to your home:

1. Turn Up The Privacy

Deep and textured curtains

Intimate rooms for entertaining can sometimes be a bit to open to the outside world. Make things more intimate by closing off the windows with deep and textured curtains.

2. Seize The Light

Light coloured curtains

If you don’t want to sacrifice the natural light from your window, add light coloured curtains that won’t block out all natural light during the day.

3. Understated French Style

Curtains are primarily functional

Curtains are primarily functional. If you need curtains but don’t want them to be a main feature, go for tall and plain and divert your attention somewhere more interesting.

4. No Windows? No Problem!

Tall curtains in front off wall

Curtains aren’t just for windows. Add tall curtains in front off wall as an alternative to wallpaper or art, adding texture and colour.

5. Parisian Summer Curtains

Tall, white curtains

Get an ethereal feel and take inspiration from Parisian balconies in summer with tall, white curtains that conduct the natural light.

6. Main Wall Curtains

Color of the curtain matches with that of the bedding

Turn your curtains into a focal point by using your window side wall as a backdrop to your bed and bedroom furniture.

7. Wind Breaking Curtains

 Lightweight net curtain

Summer days Ben be pleasant and windy. Get the best of both worlds with a lightweight net curtain that consists light and heat but acts as a barrier to cold winds sweeping through your home.

8. Bold Patterns

Bedroom with a floral curtain

Plain bedroom? Use your curtains as an output for creative design and channel for adding texture, colour and pattern to your bedroom.

9. Widen your Bedroom Area

french style living room

A wide curtain that complements and matches your colour palette can understatedly add more space to your home.

10. Traditional Window Seat

Busy window seat is added in front of a large window

If you have a large room at risk of looking empty, add a busy window seat in front of a large window.

What is your view on curtains? Alternatives such as blinds are becoming more popular because of their simplicity, but curtains can transform any room, modern or classic.

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