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10 Enchanting crazy lamps design

Enchanting crazy lamps design are a part of the décor that we do in our homes. They are not only an important décor but they light up our homes and spaces and correct lighting can actually spell the difference between a greatly lighted room to a lousy one. We also use lamps on our night tables not only as a décor piece but to light our way when we are reading. Sometimes quirky and crazy ideas are being done to these lamps to add an effect or just to be downright funny. It is something that is off that can call attention. Here are some crazy lamps design ideas that can be enchanting if not funny.

1. Enchanting Outdoor Lamp

Enchanting Outdoor Lamp

This design of a lamp is one for the interior where it is adjustable. The crazy thing about it is it was made bigger and used as an outdoor lighting. It gave an enchanting effect through.

2. Real Fruit Loop Lamp

Real Fruit Loop Lamp

The crazy thing about this lamp is not because of the design though it is funny enough but using real fruit loops is the clincher. This comes in different colors and using them on your table will be a sure conversation piece.

3. Human Statue Lamp

Human Statue Lamp

Your guests, friends and family will go gaga over this crazy floor lamp. It could even be mistaken for a real person sitting on top of two suitcases.

4. White Lamp Design

White Lamp Design

People coming over to your house would probably think that your lamp fell on the table and broke. This is a crazy design that would actually be the focal point of any room that this is placed.

5. Green Bubbles Floating Lamp Design

Green Bubbles Floating Lamp Design

This lamp design looks like green bubbles floating down from the air and ready to pop as soon as they hit the floor. The fact that they are hanging from the ceiling makes it more dramatic.

6. Stone Lamp

Stone Lamp

This white lamp may have a crazy design but looks fantastic if placed on the table. Using white polished stones for its base looks wonderful.

7. Artichoke Designed White Lamp

Artichoke Designed White Lamp

The artichoke designed white lamp suspended over this dining room highlights the dramatic artwork on the walls. The lamp gave a quirky touch to the dining room.

8. Fantastic Mason Jar Lamp

Fantastic Mason Jar Lamp

This is a fantastic design where bulbs are placed inside mason jars. It may be wonderful to use them in the garden where a couple of them would look like giant fireflies flitting in the garden.

9. Giant Cloud Hanging White Lamp

Giant Cloud Hanging White Lamp

This huge white lamp hanging from the ceiling could actually baffle your guests, friends and family. They may see this as a giant cloud or a bunch of crumpled paper that has been lighted up. This lamp actually is the focal point of this living room.

10. Ordinary Pictures Lampshade

Ordinary Pictures Lampshade

This is a DIY design and easy to make. An ordinary lampshade achieves dramatic effect just by pasting a couple of old black and white pictures on it and placing a plastic cover to protect the pictures. It now becomes a vintage type of design that will fit right into any interior of the house.



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