Numeric Symbol Shadow Lamp

10 Creative Lamps For Bedroom Ideas

CREATIVE LAMPS for bedroom could be used not merely to give light or to illuminate the room when you are asleep but also to add decoration to it. Houses, schools, hospitals, churches – you name it, every establishments need lamps to provide lighting. Now, having creative lamps not only give you lighting but add aesthetic and beauty to the room as well, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. These lamps help you achieve the ambiance you desire for your home, office, business and other establishments. If you happened to be looking for creative lamps, we have here 10 lamps for you.

1. Mushroom Lamp

Mushroom Lamp

This mushroom lamp comes in colors of blue, green and red. This lamp can be put in your bedroom. It allows you to get in touch with the kid inside you for this lamp reminds us of Nintendo’s super Mario game.


2. DNA Strands Lamp

DNA Strands Lamp

This lamp could look like a DNA strand, your intestinal tract, even coiled poop. Yes, it could. It’s because this lamp is flexible and can be bent and adjusted to whichever shape you want.

 3. Hangman Inspired Lamp

Hangman Inspired Lamp

If you are someone who is a fan of the game hangman or someone who is into black humor, then this lamp is for you. This lamp looks like an ordinary lamp, very typical except for the creepy hanging object which makes it very unusual and creative.

4. 13-inch Tall Lamp

13-inch Tall Lamp

This is a 13-inch tall lamp. When this lamp is turned on, its head lights up under a repositionable shade of various colors. Turning on this lamp may cause some blushing (because of its switch) but on the bright side, this lamp can be a good source of humor and a good topic for a conversation with friends, relatives and other visitors at home.

5. Grenade Styled Lamp

Grenade Styled Lamp

This lamp looks like a grenade. To those who love action, explosives and weapon-related items, this one is for you. To turn on the lamp, you only have to pull the grenade’s pin.
6. Numeric Symbol Shadow Lamp

Numeric Symbol Shadow Lamp


This is a simple lamp but what makes it creative is the shadow – because its body is carved with numbers, it produces numeric symbol shadows that can be seen across the surface of your wall or table.

 7. Flower Styled Lamp

Flower Styled Lamp


This lamp is like a flower – it opens and closes. In the evening, when you go to sleep, it closes, and turns itself slowly. In the morning, the lamp opens and increases the intensity of the light to welcome you when you wake up, like that of the rising of the sun.


8. Flashlight Lamp

Flashlight Lamp


This lamp is for those who stumbles around their house in the dark and couldn’t see. With this lamp, you can now wander around your home with confidence because this lamp has two purpose: first is it could be a stationary lamp and second, you could pluck the flashlight and carry it around.

9. Bird on Wire Lamp

Bird on Wire Lamp

This lamp looks like three birds on a wire like what we normally see in the suburbs. It is pretty simple but it is definitely out of the ordinary.

10. Spilled Water Cup Lamp with Tea Bag

Spilled Water Cup Lamp with Tea Bag


The lamp’s stand looks like spilled water or tea from the cup, which is the lamp’s head. To gain access of the lamp, whether you want to turn it on or off, you just have to tug the teabag that is hanging from the cup.

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