Shining Snowflake Chandelier

10 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas has been a tradition for most countries in the world that every Christmas season, people would decorate their homes with various decorations that involves Christmas. The most popular ones are Christmas trees and holiday lights. Christmas as they say is the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of the human race but not all believe in this. There are different religions all over the world but this Christmas belief is influenced by the Catholic Church. Most people in the west believe in Santa Claus. Every Christmas, kids would wait for the arrival of this iconic person and wait for their presents. As they do not want to see their kids get disappointed, parents would pretend to be Santa and leave gifts for their children. Now, everyone is happy for that matter. Red and green are the traditional Christmas colors. There are many ways to decorate your homes for the holidays. It would depend on your creativity and budget on how you are going to do it. Here are some ideas for you.

1. Star Design Christmas Lantern

Star Design Christmas Lantern

Christmas lanterns or stars are a heavenly sign of prophecy fulfilled long time ago. It is the shining hope of mankind.

2. Greener Christmas Tree

Greener Christmas Tree
The fir tree or nowadays, Christmas tree, in evergreen, shows everlasting light and life. The needles point up to heaven.

3. Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Do not forget about the sweets for the season, kids love them and some adults too. Usually, the typical sweet treats are red and white peppermint balls, fluffy marshmallows and ribbon candies. Candy canes would make the perfect sides.

4. Glass Hurricane with Assortment Ornament

Glass Hurricane with Assortment Ornaments


Fill a glass hurricane with assortment ornaments and surround it with lush greenery. Keep your decorations simple.

5. Shimmery Silver White Christmas

Shimmery Silver White Christmas

Want a white Christmas? The pure richness is observed in clear glass, shimmery silvers and white ornaments. Soft, airy, and completely captivating ornaments. The brilliance of white captures the monochromatic feels.

6. Shining Snowflake Chandelier

Shining Snowflake Chandelier


Do not restrict yourself on decorating just on the Christmas tree. You can have those shining snowflakes on the lighting. Choose a fresh winter palette like pale blue and silver. Finish it off with a beautiful satin ribbon tangling on the chandelier.

7. White Stocking in a White Mantel

White Stocking in a White Mantel

Together with a mirror, these deer and white stockings would be perfect in a white mantel.

8. Narrow Ribbon with Wooden Frame

Narrow Robbion with Wooden Frame

Transform an empty frame into a Christmas wall art. Connect a Christmas ball to a thread into a narrow ribbon. Tie it at the back of the wooden frame so the ball hangs in the middle. Hang the frame on the wall with a beautiful ribbon.

9. Circular Wreath

Circular Wreath

While circular wreaths are famous, be unique by having square ones instead. Highlight the buffet with it or the sideboard. This would be a good way to catch people’s attention if you are going to host a party.

10. Christmas Greeting Board

Christmas Greeting Board

Not all put a Christmas greeting board. You can turn those Christmas cards into a work of art. Wrap a bulletin board with batting and cover with fabric. Draw a snowflake outline and tack ribbon along the snowflake lines. Cover the thumbtacks with decorative buttons using hot glue.

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