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Unbelievable Pictures Of Raised Garden Beds

Gardens have also acquired new designs to enhance the image and also because raising your own herbal and vegetable garden has become trendy. People have become aware of the food that they consume and that goes for the vegetables that they buy from the supermarkets. Chemicals brought about by insect killing have been proven to be harmful to humans as well so raising your own would be the right solution. Herbs have also been found to taste better when fresh rather than the dried ones so nothing can beat having your own fresh herbs straight from your own organic garden to spice up your cooking. The raised garden beds have been effective for vegetable and herb gardens and here are some unbelievable pictures of how this can be done.

1. Planter Boxes

Planter boxes made out of wood

Planter boxes made out of wood have become the norm for herb and vegetable gardens. They are confined to a space where it will be easy to take care of them. The planter boxes also look great when combined with a well tended lawn and garden.

2. Front Yard Garden

Raised garden beds

The raised stone garden designs have been proven to be right for the vegetables and herbs as well. Stones tiles placed on top of one another makes the garden look neat and compact.

3. Higher Raised Planter Boxes

Garden with higher raised planter box

Higher raised planter boxes are now trending as they make planting and harvesting the plants more convenient especially for people with bad backs. No need to stoop down to weed or gather as it is now at waist height.

4. Stacked Field Stone Blocks

Fantastic looking plant beds

The field stones stacked until it became quite high made a fantastic looking plant bed. The vegetables are herbs are confined to their spaces neatly and easier to maintain them.

5. Raised Planter Box Bed Vegetable Garden

Fantastic garden

Image source:casasmithdesigns

The high planter boxes were designed to occupy the four corners of this garden. In the middle a lower planter box was used that was shaped into a star. The middle portion of the star was planted a tree and by the tree grows to full maturity, this will a fantastic garden.

6.  Dark wood bed boxes

Wood bed boxes with a small patio placed in the middle

Image source: blasengardens

The dark wood used in these bed boxes placed in a row look great. The small patio placed in the middle of these bed boxes is a lovely design.

7.  Vegetable Garden

Wavy raised garden

This vegetable garden used the Cor-ten steel to achieve a wavy raised garden that looks fantastic. The Cor-ten has been found to be pliable and great to use as bed boxes.

8. Garden Teak Table And Chairs

Long black colored bed boxes

Image source: troyrhonegardens

Long black colored bed boxes make up a great fence for the other plants in the garden. Smaller bed boxes are ideal for the flower plants and make this garden colorful and neat.

9. Low Garden Bed Boxes

Low bed boxes placed in a row

image source: huettldesign

Low bed boxes placed in a row used the Cor-ten steel and look neat and lovely. The dark color of the steel make a nice contrast to the big white tiles used as stepping stones.

10.  Elegant Garden

Garden with white raised beds

Image source:

This elegant looking garden used cement as bed boxes. The columns on each corner of the beds and the white color make it look gorgeous.


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