Large square shaped smooth blue and gray colored tiles

Superb Garden Edging Tiles

Edging our gardens is one way to make it look landscaped and compact. Plants can be confined to the sides with the middle open to create a feeling of space and airiness. Walkways get a facelift and more defined if edgings done. Having a professional do the work can be great since they have the experience to do exactly what you want to happen. DIY can be lovely too as there’s nothing more satisfying than looking at one’s handiwork and congratulating oneself for a job well done. Whatever would be your preference here are some edging tile designs to make the garden look superb and amazing.

1.  Smooth Stone Tiles

Large smooth stone tiles

The large smooth stone tiles used for this garden made an instant patio space within the garden. The garden now looks neat and compact with the plants confined to the edges.

2. Unique Brick Lawn Along Edging

Long and winding walkway

image source: fowlerinteriors

A long and winding walkway is always a fantastic design and this garden is no exception. Placing paver tiles or bricks along the edges defined the way to the main door of the house and made the garden fabulous.

3.  Large Colored Stones

Large colored stones placed evenly on the edge of the garden

image source: JaureguiArchitect

Large colored stones placed evenly on the edge of the garden made a statement of rustic charm. The uneven shapes of the stones add to the beauty of the design and made it more interesting.

4. Drive With Brick Paver Edging And Sidewalk

Neat walkway

image source: stewartassocaia

When you live in this kind of street nothing can beat using paver tiles to edge the graveled driveway. The paver tiles made the walkway to the house neat and compact.

5.  Terracotta Tiles

Entrance of the house

image source: JaureguiArchitect

This Spanish type house used bricks to even out the ground and terracotta tiles on the steps leading to the house. The terracotta gave a flattering image to the entrance of the house.

6. Smooth White Limestone Tiles

Large smooth white limestone tiles

image source: pickellbuilders

Large smooth white limestone tiles were used to edge this asphalted driveway and the contrast of white stones to black asphalt made the driveway look fantastic. It neatly delineated the driveway leading to the garage and boosted up the image of the house.

7.  Cliffside House Paver Tiles On Edges

Superb garden edging paver tiles

This beautiful Cliffside house became even lovelier by the neat driveway that leads up to it. The paver tiles used on the edges confined the graveled road from the manicured lawn and plants.

8.  White Color Paver Tiles Edging

White paver tiles contrast well with the green grass

image source: purplecherry

The graveled driveway was neatly edged from the manicured lawn by the use of paver tiles. The white color of the tiles made a wonderful contrast to the green grass and the gray color of the gravel. The image of the house was bolstered up due to the fantastic exterior landscaping.

9.  Blue And Gray Colored Tiles

Large square shaped smooth blue and gray colored tiles

image source: lambrightdesign

The large square shaped smooth blue and gray colored tiles made a wonderful edging to the asphalted driveway. The neatness of the driveway emphasized the beautiful house and the lovely garden.

10. Brick Garden Edge

The color of the bricks contrast well with the plants and the gravel

image source: lambrightdesign

The bricks used to edge the garden from the graveled ground gave a feeling of great space to this backyard. The red color of the bricks made a wonderful contrast to the plants and the gravel as well.

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