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10 Small Walled Garden Ideas

We often neglect our gardens after investing too much time and budget on the interior and architecture of our homes. But as soon as summer comes around, we’re filled with dread and regret of not finishing the garden projects we promised ourselves that we would.

Effective garden design can be simple, as long as it’s though about in advance, and there are low maintenance tools available to give you a wonderful space for relaxing and entertaining, even if you do have an extremely small garden that is surrounded by sun and heat blocking walls.

We have found examples of some beautiful  small walled gardens, all small and surrounded by walls, to prove to you that beauty can be found anywhere, even the darkest corners of the smallest gardens:

1. Plunge pool

Plunge pool
Instead of plain and unused grass, consider a raised plunge pool in your garden. This is a very small pool, but large enough for relaxing and adding a touch of fun to this back yard.

2. All decked garden

decked garden
Decking is easy to install, and can hide a multitude of landscaping sins. If you’re low on budget and time, cover your garden with decking and add a few bright pillows and simple spotlights. Voila! Effortless style.

3. Basement garden

Basement garden
Make the most of a mezzanine balcony and any outdoor basement space you have. Add some modern seating for an alternative look, instead of neglecting the area and using it as storage.

4. Bohemian cinema

Bohemian cinema
Adding a few DIY lanterns, a white sheet and some flexible futons or mattresses and you can create an incredible escape from your home, even if you are only 6 feet away from your back door.

5. Funky decking

Funky decking
Decking is a fantastic tool for tidying up our gardens, but by adding interesting shapes and varying heights, you can make your garden feel more adventurous and complex.

6. At the bottom of the garden

 bottom of the garden
Add an additional yard or patio area to the back of your garden, with a walkway from your home, to cheat your eyes and mind and make you feel like your garden is bigger than you think. It’s also great to have some space and time away from the pressure of the home.

7. The impact of colour

modern garden
This modern garden with a very strict colour palette of orange, white and pink, gains effectiveness by focusing on a patio area, and giving the illusion of a vast planted area behind it.

8. Minimal pond

Minimal pond
Ponds can be an addition to any size garden, and are a fun way to add depth and colour to an otherwise flat and monotone outdoor space.

9. Create a secret garden

Create a secret garden
If you’re a fan of adventure, go wild with planting trees and quirky furniture to create your own charming secret garden.

10. Garden with barrier

Garden with barrier
Turn that wall into a smaller and less intrusive barrier so you aren’t limiting the amount of light and heat that comes into your garden.

No matter the size, if you think outside of the box and be prepared to break the rules you can achieve a fantastic garden within a strict and small boundary.

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