10 Japanese Oriental Garden Design

Japanese Oriental gardens can be argued as being some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Renowned for their tranquil beauty and simplicity, their style has been recreated all across the world. Using a mix of natural materials including wood and stone, alongside water, clean lines, and lots of trees and greenery.

Ornamental features, such as fountains and statues, also feature heavily, but the key to creating a wonderful Japanese oriental garden is to find balance in your landscape design. Mix clean lines with natural overgrow, greens and browns with splashes of light colours, and wood and stone with greenery. You don’t need acres of space to create a Japanese style garden either, as long as you achieve the correct balance you can achieve the style in the smallest of yards or the largest of gardens.

Take a look at these examples of Japanese gardens which are enough to turn you green with envy and inspire you to start planning your own oriental and tranquil garden:

1. Elaborate Stone Steps

Simple and effective stone steps
We can’t all achieve this elaborate temple in our gardens, but we can recreate the simple and effective stone steps.

2. Gentle Gravel Path

Garden with winding gravel path
Keep a soft touch in your garden with a winding gravel path instead of hard and clean lines. Add wooden temples and stone features for a truly oriental theme.

3. Japanese Modernism

Modern Japanese garden with strong lines
If you prefer contemporary designs, take inspiration from this sleek and modern Japanese garden with strong lines. Lights and a mix of greenery has been added to soften and balance the garden.

4. Rainbow Shades

Garden with rainbow spectrum of plants of various shapes and sizes
Japanese gardens are bursting with colour and this one is a fantastic example. A rainbow spectrum of plants of various shapes and sizes add fun to the garden.

5. Relaxing White

Relaxing and cool garden
The best way to add a light and airy feel to your garden is to add light colours. This relaxing and cool garden has added lots of white stone and plants to create a soft contrast.

6. Winding Path

Winding garden path
If you have a larger garden and you’re looking to create a space where you can get lost in time and completely relax, recreate this winding garden path where the end cannot be seen.

7. Social Seating Area

Perfect outdoor dining area
Japanese gardens aren’t lonely and they can be social. Create the perfect outdoor dining area with a minimal canopy and a dining table with absolutely no fuss. Let the plants do talking.

8.Charming Bamboo Handrails

Japanese garden with bamboo handrails
This adorable and creative solution is simple, but transforms the entire garden. Incorporate bamboo into your garden where you can, replacing solid woods and metals.

9. Japanese Patio Area

Patio area with large trees
Create a patio area with style with a clean and balanced colour palette, using large trees to contrast and complement the darker solid furniture and flooring.

10. Running River

Garden with a simple stone bridge
We’re not all lucky enough to have a body of water flowing through our garden, but this simple stone bridge can be recreated over the most simple of garden ponds.

If you’re a fan of Japanese landscape design, you can mix the classic tools with your own personality and tastes to achieve your ideal garden space.

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