The picture speaks of tranquillity at its best

10 Japanese Garden Designer Ideas

Japanese gardens are truly magnificent expressions artsy landscapes and hence if you are looking to turn your backyard into something really fascinating- the Nippon garden theme is the answer for you. The very essence of Japanese gardens lies in the philosophical bent of the Nippon culture & life which gets vividly echoed in the Japanese designs and architecture. The Nippon gardens are based on the combination of natural elements such as water, rocks, plants and clean simple lines that altogether conjure up a very tranquil view. The oriental style is mostly inclined towards a soothing calming ambience which is duly mirrored by the Japanese gardens. The Nippon landscapes speak of an aesthetically pleasing vista and propagate your own very idyllic retreat – wrapped in serenity and relaxation. Are you too interested in having Japanese garden design for your home? Well, here is a list of some of the best Japanese garden design ideas.

1.   Typical Nippon Landscape

Typical Nippon landscape with variety of shrubs and trees

This Japanese garden design depicts the true essence of a typical Nippon landscape with variety of shrubs and trees- the hard rocks and pebbles in between create a fantastic contrast and so the orange tree.

2.   Little Garden Design

 Typical Japanese garden

This little garden has a bit of everything usual in a typical Japanese garden right from the leafy plants to the cute water bodies to the pebble laden surface- it would be an awesome experience to relish your cuppa here.

3.   Amazing Green Garden

Green garden with white flower ballsThe white flower balls here and there make the otherwise green garden an amazing view. The little stone pillar, the pathway and the big rocks sum up a true Asian vista along with the greens.

4.   Traditional Zen Garden

Garden with little waterfall from the faucet

It’s an ideal picture of a typical traditional Zen garden and the dark circular stones embedded on the red natural make it all the more interesting. The little waterfall from the faucet surely supplies the zing.

5.   True Nippon Garden

Bamboo structures speak Japan to the T

The bamboo structures speak Japan to the T, duly assisted by all the particular elements of a true Nippon garden- with water in form of the cute waterfall, rock s and pebbles as well as the colourful greenery

6.   Midcentury Patio

Cute & classy trendy cane seating arrangements

Surrounded by pebbles, the beautiful crimson tree standing high renders the much needed colour to the otherwise earthy patio. The trendy cane seating arrangements are cute & classy.

7.   Contemporary Landscape

The picture speaks of tranquillity at its best

The picture speaks of tranquillity at its best with its carefully maintained greenery, the big rocks here and there – The Buddha figurine and the creamy pendant lights create the perfect soothing Zen spell.

8.   Rock Laden Landscape

 Rock laden landscape caressed by scattered greenery

The rock laden landscape caressed by scattered greenery everywhere conjures up a perfect earthy ambience which is so true for the Japanese gardens. You will love the crane figurines that render a natural appeal to the setting.

9.   Beautiful Nippon Garden Theme

Garden with colourful red flowers

The colourful red flowers and bushes create a spell bounding contrast to the otherwise green setting. The little rocky partition renders an edgy effect to this beautiful Nippon garden theme.

10.   Mediterranean-landscape

Garden paints an irresistible idyllic retreat

This garden paints an irresistible idyllic retreat with green shrubs, trees and colourful flowers smiling beautifully. The cute boy figurine in the midst of the little water body is a bliss and you will love to get lost walking over the pebble laden pathway.

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