Bright, relaxing, and flowing garden

How To Make A Zen Garden In Your Backyard

Zen is a school of Buddhism that emphasises meditation, personal awareness, and enhancing the lives of others. It developed in China, but spread to Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, and is incorporated into all areas of daily life, including gardens.

In the Far East, gardens are used as places of relaxation and reflection, as individuals or as a social group. They can also be created to promote Zen, using gentle and balanced landscape that is simple and effective in achieving relaxation, thought, and personal awareness.

Zen can be promoted in gardens in a number of ways with garden design, usually an amalgamation of natural beauty being gently manipulated into an area that can be explored and appreciated. If you’d like a relaxing, beautiful and inspiring garden, take a look at these ten examples of Zen gardens which will fill you with ideas that can be incorporated into your very own garden:

1. Varying Levels Of Greenery

Zen garden in the backyard
Nature is the best relaxant, and what better way to enjoy it than to let it be its true self? Let your plants grow into a range of heights, sizes and colours so you can enjoy seeing them complement each other.

2. Tropical Zen Garden

Oriental and Zen style garden
Oriental and Zen style gardens can be created all across the world, in most climates. This is one of our favourites, where Zen simplicity and beauty has been incorporated into a tropical area.

3. Contemporary Yard

Contemporary and minimal backdrop
Create a relaxing garden by building a contemporary and minimal backdrop with light woods, and balance this out with greens and browns of plants.

4. Simple Lawn Enhancement

Large garden with a simple lawn
Already have a large garden with a simple lawn? Enhance this by creating an elaborate rock garden at one side of your garden, keeping room for your little ones to play.

5. Up Close Rock Garden

Up close rock zen garden
Gravel can be a beautiful low maintenance alternative to grass or other plants. Don’t forget to balance colours and sizes.

6. A Tidy Forest

Zen garden with lots of large trees
If you want to achieve a Zen garden with lots of large trees, a goal to keep in mind is a ‘tidy forest’. A well maintained, naturally beautiful collection of trees that appears vast in height and size compared to your home and garden.

7. Simple Ornaments

Natural and simple decorations can make all the difference
The smallest touches of natural and simple decorations can make all the difference. Use natural materials in their most natural form.

8. Keep Things Light

Backyard garden with lighter shades
Opt for lighter shades and pay attention to your natural light – maximise it and make sure you have a balance of light and shadowed areas.

9. Stone And Green

Bright, relaxing, and flowing garden
The balance in this garden between stone and grass is exactly perfect. Using all natural materials, this garden is bright, relaxing, and flowing.

10. Minimal Zen Style

Zen garden
You can create a Zen garden even if you have minimal tastes. Add textures and varying heights to lessen your need for colour for a contemporary look.

Zen style can be achieved in a limitless number of ways, what you need to do is create a balance and incorporate your own tastes. After all, we are all inspired by different things.

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