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Lovely pictures of garden creepers designs

Garden creepers have been used in gardens for a long time and still we have not tired of using them as designs even to this modern age. They are a timeless design that will never go out of style because they make the garden and house look fantastic. They are living plants and are natural decors that could often be the focal point of a garden or exterior of the house. They also bring wonderful colors that can blend or contrast perfectly with any garden design and house exterior color. We’ve gathered some lovely pictures of garden creepers designs that you may be able to use in your own house or garden.

 1. Stone Path

 garden creepers

image source: ahbllandarch

The garden creepers that were planted below the stone steps made this garden look fabulous. It was matched perfectly by the lush growth of flowers and plants that this garden has.

2. white flower garden creepers

 garden creepers ideas

image source: classicnursery

These white flower garden creepers were painstakingly planted in the middle of stone slabs containing the main garden and green colored square stone tiles that made it stand out in its design. The patio adjacent to it made this a pretty picture of a garden creepers garden.

 3.  Beautiful Green Creepers

 garden creepers

image source: randlesiddeley

The garden creepers planted on the huge columns of this big house gave it a refreshing and cool look. The creepers looking so green against the whiteness of the exterior paint of the house gave a personality to the outdoor dining area.

 4. Crepers On wrought iron fence

garden fence creepers

Garden creepers planted cleverly to follow the lines of the wrought iron fence are fabulous. The use of the creepers on the fence also gave privacy to the homeowners.

 5. Creepers On wooden planks

red garden creepers

image source:

The red color of the creepers planted on wooden planks on the exterior walls of this terrace gave it a fantastic personality. The terrace got a colorful look that looks bright and cheerful.

 6. Creepers on the stone wall

garden creepers

image source: griffinenrightarchitects

The creepers planted on the stone walls of this garden do not only look wonderful but acts as a divider between the manicured lawn and the wild profusion of plants behind it.

 7. Large leafy creepers

garden creepers

image source: rossingtonarchitecture

The large leafy creepers planted on the wooden posts of this long terrace made it look gorgeous. The green color of the creepers matched the manicured lawn and contrasted very nicely with the white exterior color of the terrace.

 8. Orange flowers

Orange flowers

image source: atakphoto

The creepers planted on this iron fence gave much needed privacy to the homeowners. The orange flowers of the creepers gave the outdoor dining area and garden a beautiful splash of color.

 9. Red boungavillae flowers

boungavillae flowers

image source: mcdugaldsteele

The red boungavillae  flowers placed as creepers on the huge stone post of this house gave it a shot of color that made it look lovely and the contrast of red against the white columns is fantastic.

 10. Green creepers

Green creepers

image source: laurendevon

The green creepers planted on the upper portion of the house were designed cleverly to meet the white flower creepers planted from below. They formed an arbor over the side door of this house and made it look awesome.

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