Fabulous space saving designs for the rooftop garden

Fabulous space saving designs for the rooftop garden that creates amusing effects. Living in high rise buildings can sometimes be a pain but there are perks like having your own rooftop garden with a fantastic view that is free of charge. Rooftop gardens are great for quiet contemplation in the middle of a busy city and could serve a lot of purpose from converting it to an impromptu dining area to a great place to entertain family and friends. It is also a great place for one to putter in during days off to putting up your very own flower or herbal garden.

Whatever the purpose of a rooftop garden would be, here is some space saving designs to make that rooftop garden look fabulous.

1. Rooftop Garden Designs in Luxury Modern Roof Idea

Rooftop Garden Designs in Luxury Modern Roof Idea

The patio placed in the middle of a profusion of plants looks wonderful. The different variety of flowers placed in uniform pots and placed along the ledge made this rooftop garden look fantastic.

2. Open Patio with Rooftop Garden

Open Patio with Rooftop Garden

The living room furniture used on this rooftop garden made the garden look amazing. The use of smooth white tiles on the floor gave a neat and compact image and the white divider looks fantastic as well as great for giving privacy.

3. Luxury Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

The brown and white tiles used on the floor blended seamlessly with white chairs and made this rooftop garden fabulous. The small tree giving shade at the back of the house is a fantastic design.

4. Rooftop Garden Plants

Rooftop Garden Plants

The plants confined in a long wooden box blended fantastically with the beautifully designed grey colored garden furniture. The white rough tiles used on the floor made the garden look neat.

5. Rooftop Terrace Concept

Rooftop Terrace Concept

This long and narrow rooftop garden looks romantic and peaceful. Flowers lining the ledges make a great design and plants placed in huge pots and lined up on both sides look fantastic.

6. Fantastic Small Terrace

Fantastic Small Terrace

This small terrace became a fantastic looking rooftop garden using wood panels for the floor, a white bench and metal buckets for the plants. The silver table is a great design and the white area rug is a nice accent.

7. Two Black Colored Rocking Chairs

Two Black Colored Rocking Chairs

The two black colored rocking chairs are the focal point of this small rooftop garden. Open cabinets lined up with different plants looks fantastic and the wood floors made the garden look neat and compact. Plants placed in metal buckets are nice accents.

8. Roof Garden  Night View

of Garden Design Ideas

Using shiny wood panels and lining them up against the wall served as a long bench and looks fantastic as well. Wood panels on the floor made this rooftop garden look neat and fantastic.

9. Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

This rooftop garden used blue colored marble tiles on the floor and elevated the garden by using a wood platform. This confined the garden to one side and the wood bench and glass enclosing the sides made this garden look fabulous.

10. Barbeque Stand and a Kitchen Island Concept

Barbeque Stand and a Kitchen Island Concept

A barbeque stand and a Kitchen Island made this rooftop garden a fabulous looking backyard barbecue hangout with a fantastic view. Plants confined on all the sides of the garden made it look neat and compact.

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