Cool Japanese Garden Plans For Your Backyard

Designing garden is considered to be an important Japanese art form since long and has been refined over the years. Japanese gardens are one of the most traditional designs for gardening. These Nippon landscapes have been around for hundreds of years and combine simple, natural elements such as water, stone, sand and plants to create a tranquil haven. If you are looking for a serene ambience amidst nature, where you can relax at the end of the day, the Nippon gardens have the answer for you. It’s the typical oriental philosophies of peace and calmness that get mirrored by the idyllic soothing beauty of the Japanese gardens. There are various ways to create a Japanese garden in your backyard.

If you too are looking forward to have your own natural Zen retreat, here are some cool Japanese garden plans for you:

1.   Colorful And Cheerful Garden

Eclectic garden

It is wonderful to see how well the stone structures and all the greenery blend into each other. The heavy plantation makes the place look colorful and very cheerful.

2.   Modern Garden design

 Japanese garden plan

The picture shows a modern way of designing a garden. Japanese garden designs often create miniature landscape and that is exactly what you get to see here. The garden looks like an island with all the greenery and tree restricted in the center. Minute stones and pebbles on the surrounding goes perfectly with the look.

3.   Garden With Green Grass


Garden with green grass all over as a flooring

A garden with green grass all over as a flooring. The steps in between the layers of grass lead you to the shed where you could sit and relax. Trees and bushes of different sizes and shapes have been grown all around.

4.   Japanese Culture Designed Garden Plan

Wooden and glass checkered shed is covered on all sides

The most traditional and close to Japanese culture designed garden plan. A wooden and glass checkered shed that is covered on all sides but provide you with a clear view of the scenic beauty. It is surrounded on all sides with trees and bushes.

5.   Cemented Patio In Beteen Garden

Japanese garden plan

A cemented patio or seating area in between a garden space is great. You feel closer to nature with all the trees and bushes surrounding it. The idea of planting fruits and vegetables in the backyard is just so fascinating.

6.    Clean And Well Organized Garden Space

Cemented inlets have been made for growing plants

A clean and very well organized garden space. The steps have been patched with grass in between leaving out on walking space. Cemented inlets have been made for growing plants on the sides so that the place stays clean yet looks beautiful.

7.   Contemporary Exterior

Japanese garden plan

This is a garden which you can enjoy inside your house and can be seen from your living room itself. Combination of water, stone structures and greenery is the most classic. The whole image formed is very soothing and relaxing for the body.

8.   Japanese Garden Plan

Garden with bright yellow  and white flowers

If you see the picture you will feel like you are in a Japanese temple or monastery. The rocky stones and similar steps lead you to the shed like structure. The bright yellow and white flowers in the surrounding along with lush greenery go well with the rocky centre.

9.   Beautiful Garden

Beautiful garden with the right amount of pebbles and stones

Here you see a beautiful garden with the right amount of pebbles and stones being used on one side. There is an elevated platform structure where you could sit and relax. The garden has been divided in three parts one where there are pebbles the other with short trimmed grass and the other that is planted with a thicker and higher level of bushes. You will notice that there is a very good balance of colors and sizes of plants.

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