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Beautiful pictures of large gardens

Having a large garden is a blessing beyond compare especially when gardening is a passion to the homeowner. Large gardens may take a lot of time and effort to landscape it but the end results will be delightful scenery that can soothe and relax the mind and body. A profusion of flowering plants, lush green plants and herbs with a combination of big and small trees are the makings of a great garden that would be picture perfect. We’ve come up with some pictures of large gardens that we think are beautiful that may inspire you to do it in your own garden.

 1.  Mowed Lawn  garden

Mowed Lawn  garden

This large estate has its own natural pond that was put to good use by making it a private pool. Rough stone tiles edged the sides of the pool and combined with the manicured lawn, big trees and lush plants made this garden fabulous.

 2.  Dark fencing lush woodland plants

garden design

Putting up a black fence to confine the flowering plants from the big trees in the main garden made this a garden within a garden. The lovely way this was done made this a small garden for private use where the homeowner could plant and decorate to her heart’s desire.

 3. Wayne Residence Garden

Wayne Residence Garden

image source:grantandpower

Having a patio in full view of the garden is a wonderful way of taking away stress. The use of large flat blue tiles made great flooring for the patio and the plants set against a manicured lawn is fantastic. The white cement tiles used as stepping stones added to the beauty of the garden.

 4. The Old Garden, London

The Old Garden, London

image source: qftarchitects

The pool set in the middle of a lush garden is an awesome design that would surely take your breath away. The pool seems to be hidden by the profusion of plants and going your way to it via the well kept and beautifully designed lawn is a fantastic experience.

 5. Landscaped Garden

gadern ideas

image source: gardenconsultants

Cementing the long and winding driveway made the walkway clear and neat. Edging bricks to confine the plants in the middle and the sides made this landscaped garden a joy to see and experience.

6.  White Cement Tiles

 White Cement Tiles


This is a warm and inviting large garden where everything the family needs is built into it. Large white cement tiles made a neat walkway with flowers on all sides. The well kept lawn is great and the space meant for barbecue days made this garden welcoming.

 7.  Organic Landscaping

Organic Landscaping

Image source: swicks

This herb garden set against a background of large trees look gorgeous. The rough stone tiles made into stepping stones added aesthetic quality to this garden.

 8. Manicured Lawn

gadern design ideas

Image source: joannegreen

Smooth marble tiles made great flooring for a patio and a manicured lawn was edged with it. The lush profusion of trees and large plants made this large garden serene and refreshing.

 9. Brick Edged

Brick Edged garden

Image source: joannegreen

The bricks edged and confined the manicured lawn from the walkway. The flowers, plants and small trees planted along the sides of the lawn and front of the house are beautiful.

10. Back of the garden

Back of the garden

Image source: ferriousonline

The plants, flowers and trees placed at the back of the manicured lawn made this garden fabulous. The lushness of the plants and well kept lawn gave a positive image to the house.

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