10 Japanese Garden Design Plans

The most alluring aspect of trying to design a Japanese garden for your home is the elements that can go into its making and what each of them signifies. The main elements that constitute the theme of a typical Nippon garden are rock, plants and water- all these together paint a beautiful inviting picture of serenity and tranquility, assuring a soothing ambience. Japanese gardens are the most traditional gardens that create miniature landscapes that you have always idealized. Most of the times they are designed in a very abstract and stylized way and there lies the exotic beauty of the Zen gardens. Over the years it has developed its own aesthetics depending on Japanese materials and culture. They have their own distinct setting and now are widely adapted by people. Are you too looking forward to have a Japanese garden in your backyard? Here are some ideas that might help you:

1.   Classic Japanese Styled Garden

Japanese styled garden design

A classic Japanese styled garden. The raised platform used for gardening and all the greenery matches well with the low wooden fencing. There are two small lantern styled lights in front that matches the style of the garden.

2.   Well Made Garden

Garden with a little pond

A very well made garden with a good balance of colors. The fencing is done with wood paneled together and is not very high. A little pond in the garden always lightens the mood and gives a very cool feeling. The use of large stones here and there is also very creative.

3.   Lush Green Garden Area

Garden area with a lot of plantations

A very lush green garden area that has a lot of plantations. Floating steps with water flowing underneath looks beyond perfect. The small detailing that has been done like the round glass light hanging from the tree adds on to the entire look.

4.   Contemporary Patio

Garden with a Gautama Buddha statue

The garden has a combined flooring of wood and tiles. A small inlet has been made in the floor which is like a play-area for children. There is sand where they could make sand-dunes and have fun. A Gautama Buddha statue definitely makes the area very serene.

5.   Japanese Garden Design

Garden with sleek bamboo grass and green bushes

The most traditional garden designed with a Japanese theme. The sleek bamboo grass will surely take you back to Japan. The green bushes which make a frame like structure all around looks fabulous. A wooden seating area has been made on one side for you to unwind yourself.

6.   Garden Incorporated With Man Made Structures

Lush greenery all around it complements the whole look

A garden which has been well incorporated with man made structures. The huge white vessel like boundary around the white trunk tree looks extraordinary and very different. The lush greenery all around it complements the whole look.

7.   Modern Decking

Ideal house overlooking a green garden

This picture shows an ideal house that overlooks a green garden. The patio outside has white chairs where you could just relax and sunbathe yourself- the perfect way to indulge yourself with nature.

 8.   Beautifully Lit Garden View

Beautifully lit garden view during the evening

Here you have a beautifully lit garden view during the evening. The corner has been well utilized to make a shade with wooden chairs where you could sit and admire all the beauty. The pebbles, stone, bushes, flowers and light all are in harmony with each other.

9.   Modern Garden Design

Modern garden design plan

The image reveals a very modern way of designing your garden. A blend of man made concrete structures in the color scheme of steel gray that will go well with the bright coloured tree right in the centre.

10.   Highly Cultivated Garden

Little Pagoda-like house looks beautiful

The picture shows a very highly cultivated garden. The little Pagoda-like house looks beautiful and resembles a kind of dream sanctuary with thick and lush grass, trees, and colourful flowers surrounding it.

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