10 Victorian Style Loveseats Sofas Designs

When we speak about luxury living rooms, the first thing that comes to our mind is a Victorian style lavish loveseat or sofa. Along with the interiors, suitable light fittings, these sitting arrangements will actually transport you to a different era. Grand and comfortable- these sofas will add that style quotient to your living room and speak loads about your taste for antique items.

The effect of using vintage Victorian Style Loveseats Sofas Designs furniture may not be as obvious as how people are affected in terms of fashion, because of course, we do not see as much furniture in our daily lives than clothing, right? It may be a discreet thing how collectors and hobbyists search and purchase items like the ones that we will be showing you today. Some of these items are either original pieces, some are restored and some are copied from the olden days. Take a look at the pieces we were able to collate for you!

1. Eaton Loveseat Victorian sofa design

Eaton Loveseat Victoria sofa design

Image source: magnoliahall

This set is made out of solid wood that is hand curved to give it a beautiful patter. The dimensions are W71″ D43″ H46″. The wood is polished to give a walnut finish and has gold detailing on it. The upholstery is again handmade and finished to perfection. The foam used is also of high quality. The cushions are also included in this set.

2. Victorian-style-merlot-loveseat

Victorian style merlot loveseat

Image Source: Magnoliahall

This sofa set looks very elegant with the solid hardwood framework. It comes in Merlot and Champagne velvet. The wood frame is glued and screwed so as to give a better finishing. The cushions can be used on both sides for different colour combinations. The dimensions are W68″ D39″ H40″.

3. Caravelle Warm Walnut Fabric Victorian Style Settee

victorian style caravelle sofa

Image source: Magnoliahall

This sofa comes in 2 styles – Bisque with small diamond strewn fabric and has 2 square cushions and one kidney shaped one, the other style has stripes in green, gold, coral, taupe and bisque and the kidney shaped pillow has embroidery on it. The dimensions are W64″ D36″ H39½”.

4. Loveseat Victorian Style Room


Image source: Magnoliahall

This is the most comfortable sitting arrangement as the seats are made of durable yet soft padding that is wrapped to give it a nice finishing. The fabric used is of very high quality and is easy to maintain. The hardwood used is kiln-dried. The dimensions are W74″ D38″ H44″.

5. Royal Victorian style Settee


The wood used here has a Rococo Cognac finish that really blends with the rich black and gold fabric. There are intricate handmade designs on the woodwork. The cushions are made of soft fibre. The dimensions are W60″ D39″ H44″.

6. Victorian style villa retreat sofa


image source: magnolia hall

This sofa set is constructed from kiln-dried hardwood to give it extra durability. The framework and fabric are in silver colour. The seats are stuffed with feather that gives you extra comfort when you are relaxing on this sofa. The cushions have an insulation pad. The dimensions are W68″ D38″ H39″.

7.  Victoria Style Allerton Sofa


image source: magnoliahall

This beautiful sitting arrangement adds a touch of colour to your living room. The sofa has 5 pillows in different shapes and designs. The dimensions are W88″ D39″ H43″. The settee comes with 3 cushions again in different patterns. The dimensions are W71″ D39″ H43″.

8. Victorian Style Chateau Loveseat


This sofa is a part of the designer collection and is set up on a solid wood framework with grand wood carvings. The seats are very comfortable and are made of latte satin. The camel back design gives your room style and comfort. The dimensions are W70″ D38″ H43″.

9. Victorian Style Loveseat

victorian style loveseat design

Image Source: Magnolia Hall

Selected hard wood in walnut shade and gold designs, beautiful fabric and cream satin – this sofa set has it all. High quality European fabric has been used. The dimensions are W73″ D40″ H48½”.

10. Victorian style bed bench


This bench style sitting arrangement is made out of mahogany wood and is hand carved. The fabric used is of premium quality. It is fitted with two bolster pillows. The dimensions are W69″ D23″ H35″.

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