Unpainted wood chest

Totally Charming Rustic Porch And Outdoor Furniture

Rustic designs are always popular with us for the charming image that they can do to our homes. With rustic designs our homes become warm, friendly and inviting. Country living is the major influence of rustic styles and in times past homes in the country have simple designs and decors but the hospitality and friendliness are their endearing trademark. Somehow the warmness of people living in country homes was transferred to the way they style their furniture. Long rectangle wood tables bring up memories of large families enjoying rich meals prepared by the homemaker. The porch area in a country home is the place where they hang out after a meal to swap tales or just to while the hours away before sleeping. Furniture used in the porch is simple wood, painted or unpainted. Here are a few ideas of how rustic porch furniture could make your porch area totally charming. Also a few Rustic Outdoor Furniture Ideas.

1. Wagon Wheel Bench

Wooden loveseat

The wagon wheels that serve as armrest of this wooden loveseat is a unique design that will surely stand out when placed outdoors. The distressed look of the wood adds to the charm.

 2.  Unique Bench

White colored bench

This white colored bench is as rustic as it could get with the use of bent wood design as backrest. The clever thing about this bench though is that it is actually made from concrete and steel. This will not only be a statement, it will also last for a long time.

3.  Wooden Swing Bench

Swing bench with cushions on it

This wooden swing will not only make you feel relaxed as you swing along but the design would look fantastic in any outdoor setting. The thick cushions add more to the aesthetic quality of the swing.

4.  Wooden Ice Chest 

Unpainted wood chest

This wooden ice chest will be the conversation piece and statement whenever it is used. The unpainted wood with its unpolished look is an authentic design used in the days of old of an icebox.

5. Wooden Stool 

Rustic wooden stool

This is a beautiful design of a wooden stool that has colors done on it. The wood is reclaimed and custom made. The beauty of the design makes this stool look outstanding.

6. Bistro Set

Bistro set made of wrought iron and distressed wood

The bistro set made of wrought iron and distressed wood would be a fantastic cafe table design in the patio. The rustic ambiance can be achieved together with a touch of elegance.

7. Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chair made of cedar wood

The Adirondack chair is made of cedar wood that has been sanded to a smooth finish. The reclining position is ideal for relaxation and the high back support is great for aching backs.

8. Adirondack Chair Design

Adirondock chair with a leg rest

This is a version of an Adirondack chair design that has been modified to include a leg rest. The leg rest can be removed as per preference.

9. Small Round Dining Table

Dining table made from cast iron

This small round dining table for the patio is made from cast iron. It is rust resistant and lighter than wrought iron furniture. The pedestal design with stand is great and the wonderful design on the tabletop is lovely.

10. Two Seat Glider Chair

Two seat glider chair with wrought iron frames

This two seat glider chair with wrought iron frames would look fantastic in any porch area. The rustic look is achieved by the thick reclaimed teak seats that are slightly recessed to add comfort. It is a custom made design that would be a unique addition to the home.

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