Coffee table with storage on the sides

Spectacular Coffee Tables With Hidden Storage

Coffee tables could be the center table in the living room or a side table in the dining area. There was a time when these tables were small tables meant to hold decors when placed in the living room. The advent of storage designs changed the coffee table as well. The emphasis on storage has reached a peak that every space and furniture needs to have the capability to store things. This is actually a wonderful idea since things accumulated for the use of the rooms in the house does not need to be displayed all the time. Cluttering it around is out of the question so there should be a space to store it in. Here are some spectacular designs of coffee tables with hidden storage compartments.

 1.  Black Storage Coffee Table

Coffee table with storage on the sides


This modern design of a coffee or center table has storage hidden cleverly on the sides. It has an open shelf in the middle protected by a glass so any décor placed gets viewed.

 2.  Brown Treasures Trunk

Square shaped leather trunk

This square shaped leather trunk is a great design for a coffee table. The trunk can be opened to store things and look fantastic as well.

3.  Hidden Treasures Chairside Table

Cabinet with three drawers

This blue black small cabinet can be a great coffee table because of its height and design. It has three drawers built into it for storage and the top part can be used for decors.

4.  Coffee Table With Storage

Modern coffee table

Image source: furnillion

This modern designed coffee table has a glossy white middle and open compartments at the side that could store wine bottles or other things. The middle white part has a secret compartment that can be used for additional storage.

5.  White Chrome Base

Coffee table with white chrome base

Image source: walmart

This modern glossy square coffee table has a storage space underneath it. It has hinges that can be pulled up to store and pulled down to use as a table.

6. Rattan Storage Chest Box

Rattan chest box

image source: overstock

This is a coffee table fashioned out of rattan can be opened to store things. The cream color and the rattan wood would be a gorgeous addition to any room.

 7.  Lift Top Brown Coffee Table

Wooden coffee table

This brown wood table comes with a drawer and an open shelf that can be used for storage. The large width of the table offers more space on top and bottom.

8.  Round Bowl Shaped Coffee Table

Coffee table with a drawer

Image source: furnillion

This is a white glossy round table that is a modern designed coffee table. Removing the top offers a compartmentalized storage space.

9.  Modern Coffee Table

Coffee table with storage

This black colored coffee table has a clever design of space storage. The sides can be pulled up for storing while the bottom part is a drawer that can be pulled out. It offers two storage spaces that can be great spots for books, keys and other things.

10. Double Top Storage Trunk Coffee

Wooden coffee table

Period pieces are always fantastic furniture to use in décor. This period piece small cabinet with pillbox drawers offers plenty of storage spaces and at the same time would look gorgeous in any room. The top part of the table has hinges that could open and offer additional storage space.

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