10 Small Space Loft Bed And Desk Combo

Space is an obvious issue in the contemporary small apartments that has led way for a number of space saving furniture designs. Loft beds are some of the most popular space saving furniture designs and are an ideal addition for a kid’s room. The loft beds stand high over the floor offering ample floor space for other functions. A wide range of loft beds today are designed with a desk below assuring an extremely functional combination – where you have two activities on a single floor space. The loft bed and desk combo is undoubtedly a smart idea and would be loved by your little one. There are a variety of styles to pick up for this uber-functional and edgy combo. Are you too planning for a loft bed & desk package? Well, below are some great ideas for your  Small Space Loft Bed And Desk Combo inspiration.

1.   Dark Wooden Loft Bunk Bed With A Cool Desk

Small space loft bunk bed with a space below

The dark loft bed looks really elegant and the space below has been beautifully designed with a rectangular sofa where your little one can chit-chat or play with his or her buddies. The desk on the opposite looks smart.

2.   Great Loft Bunk Bed With An Integrated Desk

Great loft bed and desk combo


This is one of the smartest designs when you are looking for a great loft bed and desk combo. With integrated desk on one side, the floor space below the loft has been intelligently utilized for another bed- great if you have two kids.

3.   Cozy Desk Beneath The Lofted Bed

Great loft bed & desk combo

This loft bed & desk combo can be a great birthday gift for your book-lover kiddo. Added to the cozy desk beneath the lofted bed, the book shelf attached to the bed above is no doubt a pretty smart idea.

4.   Dark Wood Lofted Bed

Classy dark wood loft bed

The dark wooden loft bed looks classy and the desk beneath it befits effortlessly on the vacant space below. This is going to the be the most loved den for your child where he can study, surf, play and retire to bed when tired.

5.   Exquisite Small Bedroom Bunk Bed


Small bedroom design

This loft bed is alike a complete package with desk at one side and cupboards and shelves both ways. The centre space, just below the lofted bed has been utilized for another bed.

6.   Imaginative Bunk Bed Design With A Built In Desk

Great loft bed and desk combo for two kids

This loft bed and desk combo is great if you have two kids. With two beds, one lofted and another on ground and the desk below the lofted bed- you are creating an adored haven for both of your kids.

7.   White Grey Kid’s Bedroom

Red color highlights this room

This is one excellent option when you have more than two kids or you have the kids’ friends coming for a sleepover frequently. The long bunk bed above offers enough floor space for two beds and a desk.

8.   Eclectic Kid’s Bedroom

Small space blue bunk bed and desk

The blue loft adds on the much needed vibrancy and zing to this funky chamber. The lofted bed assures enough floor space for a desk and chair where your little one will love to study and surf.

9.   Desk Underneath The Loft Bed

 Lofted bed stands high extending comfortable floor space

This lofted bed stands high extending comfortable floor space for your child’s desk and chair. The book shelf on one side is a smart and truly space saving addition assuring 3 functions within a single space.

10.   Incorporate A Desk Into The Bunk Bed Design

Small space loft bed and desk combo

It’s a very intelligent design where you have the desk on one side of the lofted bed with another bed just below the lofted one.

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