10 Shabby Chic Dressing Room

Shabby chic is at the height of interior design fashion today and it’s showing no signs of disappearing soon. Shabby chic covers any interior design intended to look old, work and lived in, but still cute and charming. It’s vintage with an elaborate and chintzy feel. And it’s great to work with because you can go for a full antique style look, or add a few splashes of shabby chic features to a room.

These Shabby chic dressing rooms below  features whites, creams, pastels and muted tones, work wooden furniture, ornate features such as mirrors and chandeliers, and plenty of floral patterns. You can achieve shabby chic on any budget too. High end stores are producing shabby chic furniture because of its fashion value, but you can achieve a similar look by gathering old items from thrift stores.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these examples of shabby chic dressing rooms and homes and see if there’s a style to suit you:

 1. Turquoise Tones

Colour accents in this room cover the entire turquoise spectrum

Add colour to a predominantly white room with varying shades of one colour. The colour accents in this room cover the entire turquoise spectrum, and give it an informal charm.

 2. Ornate Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic shabby chic features

Mirrors are a fantastic shabby chic features – they add light and space to the room, and magnify any shabby chic patterns and colours. These gold frames with an ornate pattern are beautiful and bring an elegant lure to this bedroom.

 3. All White Bedroom

Bedroom decorating idea

White has a calming quality, so what better way to create a relaxing bedroom than to paint everything white. If you feel too lost in an all-white bedroom but you like the charm, add one or two splashes of a darker colour but make sure that the primary colour of the room is white and diluted pastels.

 4. Soft Draped Furnishings

Bedroom with soft bedding

Drapes, frills, and light fabrics are another way to achieve an ethereal feel in your bedroom. GO for translucent drapes, soft bedding and light materials to achieve a luxury fairytale style.

 5. Shabby Fixtures

Bedroom decorating idea

Keep things shabby by going for the ‘lazy’ look when it comes to fixtures and fittings. Swap shelves for stacks of books, hang mirrors and artwork on the floor, and add homemade decorations for effortless chic.

 6. Upmarket Elegance

Dressing room with pure white furniture

Shabby doesn’t have to mean scruffy, and you can still achieve a period look with more understated golden tones, clean lines and pure white furniture.

 7. Cool As A Cucumber

Farmhouse dining room

For a timeless look, make sure you only go for cool tones in your home, such as greys, purples and greens. Anything too warm can be overpowering and take away from the effortless air.

 8. Storage On Show

Bedroom with storage

For a chintzy and vintage style, try not to store away your belongings in storage. Items such as jewellery, scarves and other pieces can be shown off and shouldn’t be hidden away.

9. Feminine Dressing Room

Perfect shabby chic dressing room

Achieve the perfect shabby chic dressing room by mixing shabby elements with modern furniture and lighting.

 10. Seaside Shabby Chic Style

Dressing room with white washed furniture

White washed furniture, lots of wood and an airy feel makes shabby chic a perfect solution for seaside homes.

There are hundreds of ways to achieve the shabby chic style that’s perfect for you. If you haven’t tried shabby chic interior design, play with colours and light to find your perfect mix.

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