Living room with a wallpaper

Ostentatious Art Deco Inspired Furniture

Art deco designs became very popular when the world was recovering from the ravages of World War I. It was a time of celebration and paved the way for opulence in design. Vivid colors were used with heavy leanings towards black, gold and green. Glass tops for tables coupled with chrome legs that gradually led to use of plastics. Marble was often used for cabinet and table tops and deep and a dark color for furniture that is heavily lacquered to imitate ebony which was expensive was popular as well. Animal fur and skin was another favorite and Ivory was used by the very rich to add to the design. The design was ostentatious to say the least but modern times have used this to mix with contemporary designs and produce lovely results. Here are some art deco inspired furniture that may be ostentatious but still wonderful to use in our homes.

1. Black Art Deco Frame

Living room with a black art deco frame

image source: bostondesignandinteriors

The tables are pure art deco style furniture. The black colored polished long table is to imitate ebony wood and glass top with chrome legs of the center table is art deco inspired.

2. Gold Colored Chair

Plush cushioned gold colored chair

image source: tongue-and-groove

The plush cushioned gold colored chair reflects art deco inspiration. The rigid design of the highly polished black colored cabinet is another art deco design and the light sconce on the wall as well.

3. Master Bedroom Neutral Tones

Bedroom with an  art deco designed lamp

image source: rugoraff

The lamp above the bed is art deco design that favored glamorous lighting meant to flatter. The desk with its flip down design is another deco inspiration and the chair with its rich fabric and cushions is another deco touch.

4.  Symmetrical Balance

Modern art deco designed dining table and chairs

image source: imagine-living

This dining table and chairs are modern art deco designs. Same furniture and placement, creating identical balance. The glass top of the table with its chrome legs and the leather chairs with metal legs adds to the image.

5.  Night Stand And Desk

Art deco inspired night stand and desk

image source: dirkdenisonarchitects

The night stand and desk are deco influences. The painted and highly polished wood with shapely designs is deco touches. The black glass table tops are another and the geometric design of the chair is art deco inspired.

6. Art Deco Furniture

Green and brown deco styled armchairs

The richly patterned rug is art deco that contrasts beautifully with the green and brown deco styled armchairs. The glass top of the center table with highly polished wood legs is deco touches.

7.  Art Deco Kitchen

Art deco inspired kitchen design

image source: cablikenterprises

This is an art deco inspired design for the kitchen that has round corners typical during that era. Pictures on the wall are also deco inspired and the round corner of the kitchen island as well.

8. Shabby Chic Style Bedroom

Bedroom with an animal printed carpet design

image source: fisherhart

The animal print design of the carpet used in this bedroom is art deco design. The baroque vanity table with intricate gold designs is pure art deco.

9.  Bold Geometrics And Solid Colors

Ottoman with an art deco inspired fur on it

image source: garrisonhullinger

The fur placed on the ottoman is art deco inspired and the rich brown leather chair as well. The pillows covered in leather and velvet is another deco touch. The dark rich color of the curtains is a great deco accent.

10. Living Room Wallpaper

Living room with a wallpaper

The plush cushions of the black colored leather chairs paired with chrome frames are pure art deco designs. This living room with its black leather and chrome design is art deco personified.

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