Rectangular Coffee Table, Oak

10 John Lewis Living Room Coffee Tables Furniture

Having a Coffee Experience at Your Own Convenience

Who doesn’t want to take a coffee break after a very heavy meal? Drinking coffee has been a habit so hard to break. You go out and take a sip of your hot coffee where good ideas are usually born. Or a warm chat with a friend makes you take your favorite-flavored coffee. Why not look for a specific spot at your home where your own coffee table can be set? Then, savor the coffee experience that is a lot satisfying than Starbucks. Coffee is everywhere and so is coffee table. Here are some 10 John Lewis coffee tables you may bring home if you want coffee to be really part of your lifestyle. Have a look at these 10 John Lewis Living Room Coffee Tables Furniture and see if you like their style.

John Lewis Keep Coffee Table

 ideal for modern living

Image by: John Lewis

As its name suggests, Keep takes the age-old need to store and safeguard our possessions and combines it with the most up-to-date trends in design.

Gloster Havana Modular Square Outdoor Coffee Table

 Outdoor Coffee Table

Image by: John Lewis

Here are two square-shaped table, one perfect for outdoors, and the other great for indoor. They are simply designed with smooth side edges. No flares of frills that they give your coffee area a more minimalist look. The color of the table is perfect wherever you want to position your table. It looks so easy to clean with just a one swipe of a rag.

Neptune Henley Rectangular Coffee Table

Rectangular Coffee Table

The design of Henley is derived from older, classically styled antiques, yet with a contemporary edge that makes it at once at home in almost any interior, whether a loft apartment or a country hideaway. Made from solid oak with a sophisticated natural timber look – something that stands apart from the modern mainstream.

Neptune Henley Rectangular Coffee Table

Rectangular Coffee Table, Oak

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These long and rectangular coffee tables can be put in a good spot that serve as a way to chat with friends and family. They can also be a place for simple board games as the group takes break after a full meal. The table at the right extends to further invite others to join. The other at the left allows everyone to be gathered and take some more time for family members or friends to stay and extend exchange. The table legs are contained within its perimeter that even make others to get close in for a more intimate chat.

Conran Balance Coffee Table

Created by Terence Conran, the comprehensive Content range features clean-lined, contemporary furniture for relaxed living. The distinctive pieces are designed to work in a variety of living spaces

John Lewis Maharani Coffee Table

 Maharani Coffee Table

These wooden coffee tables are perfect for storage as well. Their surface that is flat and smooth can be converted to a great drawing board as well. To switch it to a perfect coffee table, a simple design table mat or table runner can be laid top vertically at the center. Serving as coffee tables and game boards too, they are likely to keep all your coffee cups and coasters and game board and accessories stored inside the drawers. These will look inviting by putting a beautiful centerpiece at the middle or a game board being usually played.

John Lewis Why Wood Coffee Table, Grey/Natural

Says Who for John Lewis Why Wood Coffee Table


Designed in Denmark by Nikolaj Duve and Kasper Meldgaard’s ‘Says Who’ studio, this coffee table combines a solid oak base with a high pressure laminate top that offers protection and a stunning look.

Vitra Noguchi Coffee Table

Vitra Noguchi Coffee Table,

Simple yet glassy, these two coffee tables make your coffee area clean and quaint. Both are perfect to be set indoor or outdoor. Transparency sets you in a real warm coffee experience. Their style is so simple and so easy to clean. They can be dressed up anything you want. They don’t choose any color but every type of coffee table accessories suit them. They look futuristic though in their see-through appearance but they can be accessorized with gelatinous dark-colored chairs and coffee cups and coasters.

John Lewis Odyssey Gas Lift Coffee/Dining Table

Gas Lift Coffee/Dining Table

This cleverly engineered piece is great for small spaces. It switches from a coffee table to a console table, to even a 4 seater dining table with ease, thanks to its gaslift-extending aluminium frame and fold-out MDF top.

John Lewis Alice Coffee Table

John Lewis Alice Coffee Table

Chic and contemporary, this unusual coffee table has crossed stainless steel legs and a transparent glass top. Light and simple design makes this a stylish addition to your living space.

These two coffee tables with crisscross legs look movable and can be placed everywhere in the room, be it near the dining area or living room area. They can be both indoor and outdoor. The design gives it a professional look. They seem to be perfect in an office nook where everybody gathers to take a coffee break.

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