Huge headboard framed in wood

Grand Ideas For The Bed’s Headboard

A bed can get a dramatic image if the headboard that is used on it is of an unusual design. Headboards can be expensive especially if you opt out for the designer ones but in this age of information, DIY projects can be seen and used. Buying a bed with a headboard may be a practical idea but sometimes it is either the expense of having is it greater than buying a bed and buying a headboard separately. Here are some ideas that we’ve researched that could make that headboard grand.

1. DIY-Headboard

Brown wooden planks of wood were fitted together

These brown wooden planks of wood were fitted together and created a dramatic headboard for this bed. Using yellow colored patterns for the pillows and bedcovers gave a very nice contrast to the wood headboard.

2. Teal Colored Divider

Teal colored divider is used as the bed’s headboard

Using a teal colored divider as the bed’s headboard is a most fantastic design. It lighted up the whole bedroom and gave it a personality. It contrasted wonderfully with the white walls and bed.

3. Colorful Headboard

Hodgepodge of metal file folders with different colors

A hodgepodge of metal file folders with different colors made this an awesome headboard for this bed. The colorful quilt blocks of the bedcovers added to the image and made a truly amazing bedroom.

4. Huge Blackboard

Huge headboard framed in wood

A huge blackboard framed in wood became a most unusual and beautiful headboard. It is a beautiful way of leaving messages if this is a couple’s bed or drawings or whatever thoughts that would come to mind of the bed owner.

5. Large Gold Framed Mirror

Mirror is a most fantastic idea for a headboard

A very large gold framed mirror is a most fantastic idea for a headboard. Not only will it make a small bedroom look bigger but mirrors are great design ideas that fit into any interior.

6. White Fireplace Mantelpiece

Painted second hand fireplace mantelpiece

This is a second hand fireplace mantelpiece that was cleaned and painted white. This was hanged on the wall behind the bed that now looks gorgeous. The top of the mantelpiece became a great spot to put books and decors.

7. Fantastic Designed Headboard

Pink and beige rope was match the bedcover of the bed

This is a DIY headboard that needs pre cut wood used for window sidings. In this case pink and beige rope was used to match the bedcover of the bed. These ropes were crisscrossed across the wood in every which way and gave this fantastic design of a headboard.

8. Marvelous Looking Headboard

Varying height and color of wood was bonded together

Varying height and color of wood was bonded together and made this marvelous looking headboard. The wood were given a lacquer finish matched the wood frame of the mirror above it. It also contrasted very well with the white bedcovers of the bed.

9. Wooden Headboard

Fantastic designed headboard

Panels of wood from the ceiling down to the bed gave an image of a fantastic designed headboard. It matched the wood bed perfectly. The small intricately designed floating shelves with plant decors are a marvelous accent.

10. Salmon Pink Colored Curtains

Curtains served as the headboard for this bed

Salmon pink colored curtains served as the headboard for this bed and also surrounding it. It contrasted beautifully with the white bed and it is an inexpensive way of decorating a bedroom that is not only budget friendly but looks gorgeous as well.

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