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Furniture Pieces for a Small Spaced Bedroom

A difficult decision one has to face attached with having a small bedroom is what furniture pieces should be around. This decision should be based on what the room owner’s needs are, like does he or she study inside the room so there should be a study table. Or if he or she needs more closet space for all the outfits and stuff he or she has.

There is lots of furniture that would make your small room look even more spacious than it really is. You just have to find what works and what are furniture pieces are practical and space saving. Here are some ideas on choosing the right furniture for small bedrooms.

1. Small Spaced Room With Convertible Furniture Pieces


Study area can be converted into a bed

It is great to have convertible furniture pieces in a real small spaced room. It’s like having the best of both worlds. You can have your own study area which can be converted into a bed. Convertible furniture pieces are space saving and practical as well.

2. Small Space With A Convertible Bed


Convertible furniture is multifunctional

Convertible furniture is multifunctional. Also they look sleek and modern. Common convertible furniture is a desk which can be turned into a bed. Or beds which can be kept hidden whenever it is not used to be able to utilize the space that it usually takes. Or beds which can be turned into sofas.

3. Teenager’s Small Bedroom Foldaway Bunk Bed

fold away bunk bed

Bunk beds that can be hidden during the day and pulled out during the night is also perfect for a small shared bedroom. This way the people sharing a bedroom can make use of the space during the day to do other stuff.

4.   Appealing Home Space Saving For Kids

Appealing home space saving for kids with cabinets

To save space you can have your bed surrounded by hanging cabinets and bedside tables with drawers. These cabinets can be used for storage of clothes, underwear, and other stuff that needs to be stored away so that the room will look more organized. An organized room creates an illusion of being spacious.

5.   Space Saving Storage Furniture For Small Rooms

 Drawers are great space savers as they can be kept hidden

Also go for beds with drawers instead. This will make good use of the space underneath the padded area for storage of pillows, sheets, and towels. Drawers are great space savers as they can be kept hidden and will not take up too much space. It will also help the room look good and organized.

  1. Hanging beds

small bedroom ideas

Hanging beds are also nice to have if your room is really small. Use the spaces under the hanging beds as closets or study area. Having a hanging bed would mean that you don’t take up floor space for the bed and use it instead for other furniture like cabinets and drawers.

7.  Small Room Storage Furniture

storage spaces near the bed create an attractive looking cabinet and bed effect

Put storage spaces near your bed to create an attractive looking cabinet and bed effect. It would look like your bed’s headboard is an extended cabinet with lots of shelves for stuff like books and framed photos. Also it would greatly be improved with the help of bedside tables with drawers that can serve as underwear drawer.

8. Box Room With White Cabinets

Wall cabinets and shelves are  great furniture pieces for small bedroom space

Wall cabinets and shelves are also great furniture pieces that are perfect for a small space bedroom. Since they don’t take floor space you are free to have as many wall cabinets as you like for your t-shirts and clothes that can be folded.

9. Gorgeous Modern Closet Idea For Small Bedroom Design

 Small bedroom with a luxury of a full sized closet

If you want a luxury of a full sized closet in your small bedroom you can have one wall attached with a closet. This way you have a full closet that you can use for all your storage needs. You don’t need to have other sets of drawers and cabinets for your storing needs.

10.  Organise Your Closet

small bedroom closet

Organize your closet through sorting your things in different boxes according to types, kinds, or colors. This makes your closet look spacious and not crammed up. This also gives an additional charm to your room, making it look more well-arranged and spacious.

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