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Tasteful Furniture Designs For The Drawing Room

The drawing room is the most important room in the house and furniture and accessories are always planned with care. Furniture designs includes all furniture from the sofa, chairs, center or coffee table, side table and even a daybed if there is one. All have to blend seamlessly to give a marvelous effect to the living room. Furniture for the drawing room may not match all the time. The French believe that there is fun and sophistication in mismatched furniture as long as they do not jar and present a unified image that is pleasing to the eye. Here are some furniture designs for the drawing rooms that we feel are tastefully done.

1. Grey Colored Sofa

L-shapd sofa

This gray colored sofa is custom made and is designed to occupy a corner. This gives privacy and a cozy nook to use for reading or lying down to daydream.

2. Driftwood Center Table

Unpainted driftwood center table

The unpainted driftwood center table gives a beautiful contrast to the formal setting and furniture of the living room. It is the focal point of the room.

3. Mismatched Sofa And Armchairs

Armchair with its plush cushions is a wonderful accent

The mismatched sofa and armchairs gave a personality to this living room. The pink colored armchair with its plush cushions is a wonderful accent.

4. Cream Colored Sofa

Cream colored sofa match comfortably with the armchair

The cream colored sofa matched comfortably with the plump cushioned brown armchair and made the living room look warm and inviting. The dark brown afghan and turquoise pillow are nice accents.

5. Patterned Chair

The chair match with the stonewall fireplace and wooden floors

The chair with its fantastic silver, gold and brown pattern gave a beautiful statement to the stonewall fireplace and wooden floors. The decors on the glass table matched the silver sheen of the fabric pattern of the chair.

6. Platform Sofa And Armchairs

Living room with grey sofa and blue armchairs

The brown colored platform sofa made a beautiful contrast to the blue cushioned armchairs and glass topped center table. The wooden side table is a nice touch.

7. Floating Shelves

Varnished shelves mounted on the wall

Butcher blocks made of wood are marvelous to use for floating shelves. They can be painted and varnished and when mounted on the walls would not only look fantastic but give storage space as well.

8. Period Piece Center Table

Drawing room with  a center and side table

Period pieces are great pieces of furniture when placed in any room. The period piece center table looks lovely and the farmhouse table with its beautiful wood and dated design gave a statement to this drawing room.

9. Unpainted Distressed Wood Table

Wood table with a white comfortable sofa beside

The rectangle shaped unpainted distressed wood table with iron legs gave an incongruous image to the formal setting of the living room yet is the focal point. Distressed wood had become the popular choice of modern design as wood by itself is a timeless material. Wood can look fantastic painted or unpainted, varnished or unvarnished. It is sturdy as well and constructed well can last a lifetime.

10. Mismatched Armchairs

Mismatched armchairs with a grey sofa

The mismatched armchairs are the focal point of the living room. The two armchairs gave a wonderful contrast to each other even when they are mismatched and the brown sofa is the perfect backdrop to them.

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