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Living and Dining Rooms with Fabric Wingback Chair Designs

The wingback chair was designed in England during the 1600s when the bitterly cold weather was in fact the inspiration for this comfortable beauty. The ‘wings’ of the chair were created to enclose the head and body and protect the sitter from drafts, whilst trapping the heat from the nearby fireplace. Nowadays we tend to let central heating do that job for us, but the stylish design has stuck around and new takes on the model are being constantly designed, lending a sense of nostalgia to our living and dining rooms in the 21st century.

1. Blue And White Wingback Chairs

modern wingback chairs

This chair boasts a particularly interesting shape, making it interesting to look at from the back as well as the front. Its contrast of materials creates a very ‘design’ style and keeps the look modern and fresh. The typically Scandinavian style legs give the chair an authentic and simplistic feel.

2.  Cream Fabric Wingback Chairs

cream fabric wingback chairs

This traditional style dining room room with its solid wood flooring and neutral tones has class in abundance, and these cream fabric wingback chairs are the perfect finishing touch.

3.  Cream And Turquoise Tones 

two wingback chairs

The soft blend of cream and turquoise tones highlighted by the crisp daylight bring this room to life. The two wingback chairs at either end of this solid wooden table add a sense of regality as well as comfort.

4.   Patterned wingback chairs 

Patterned wingback chairs

This contemporary family living room with its taupe coloured walls and neutral tones throughout lends a harmonious sense of calm to the space. These patterned wingback chairs are perfect for curling up on a Sunday afternoon with a good book, and add to that relaxing vibe of the rest of the room.

5.  White And Black Wingback Chair

stylish wingback chair

Super modern and contemporary, it is both the colours and shape of this chair that fits so seamlessly into its surroundings. The steel grey curtains are picked up by the piping of the chair, whilst the base cream colour stands out triumphantly against the stark contrast of the walls. The boldly printed geometrical cushion creates a strong focal point, picking up on all the previously mentioned colours, whilst the throw adds a hint of colour and an added dimension to the look. The positioning of the chair creates an sense of openness to the room and gives an invitation to be sat on.

6.  Eye-Catching Table Framing of the Wingback Chairs

Wingback Chairs

In this room the chairs really are the main focus, their bold print being the only source of colour set against a grey hued backdrop. The large picture on the back wall gives the illusion of being a larger space than it actually is, and the long, narrow table draws the eye down the room creating perspective, again giving the illusion of space. This illusion is accentuated with the multiple lights following the same direction as well as the eye-catching table framing of the wingback chairs.

7.   Blue Wingback Chairs

 Blue Wingback Chairs and green cushions

This fresh, modern living room uses a neutral cream base to support its colour-pop pieces of two tones close in the colour wheel for an eclectic old-meets-new feel. The wingback shape creates a sense of nostalgia which is contrasted with the bold and bright upholstery. Whoever said that blue and green should never be seen?

8.  Patterned Cream Fabric Wingback Chairs

freestandinag chairs

Free standing chairs add a sort of eclectic feel that can’t generally be achieved by a standard three piece suite. Their mis-matching to the other furniture gives the idea that they have been personally selected rather than just bought as a bulk set, adding a sense of individualism and creativity to the room design as a whole. 

9.  Cream Wingback Chairs

cream white chairs

This open plan space is characterised by neutral tones and the use of a range of natural materials such as various woods, rustic copper and stone. The cream wingback chairs tie in with the cream fabric curtains and blend seamlessly into the room’s colour palette as a whole. A muted green and bold orange were chosen as the colour accents and can be seen used sparingly through accessories such as cushions and plants. 



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