Pedestal Dining Table

Fabulous Extendable Round Dining table Ideas

The round table is a popular design since the Middle Ages as it could seat a lot of people around it. The round shape is a great design that is perfect in its contour and when used in furniture produced aesthetically wonderful results. Modern designs have come up with the extendable tables that are very practical to use. It is a design that can be used when we have company and need more people to seat and it could be retracted when only a few will use it. The beautiful designs that have been made to these extendable tables have made many a dining room look fabulous.

1. Walnut Expandable Round Dining Table

Round Dining Table

image source: AntiquePurveyor

This round thin highly polished wood round table with its solid base design is a great design that would be a statement to any dining room. The fact that it is extendable is an added benefit that would away with seating problems.

2. Expandable Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal Dining Table

image source: AntiquePurveyor

This brown wood round table with curvy legs design would be a welcome addition to any dining room. The star design on the table’s top is a statement and would be a great conversation piece.

 3. Dark Brown Legs

Dark Brown Legs

Painting the tabletop green contrasted very nicely with the dark brown legs of this wooden extendable table. The picture also shows how long the extension the table can do and its design will fit right in to any interior design and color of a dining room.

 4. Light Brown Color

Light Brown Color

The light brown color of this round wood table looks fabulous. The unique design of its base allows an easier way of extending the table when needed.

 5. Walnut Oval Dining Table

 Oval Dining Table

image source: vermontfurnituredesigns

This wood round table with its wonderful base design would look fantastic in any dining room. The tabletop is slim but is made from the finest wood material that could be durable and long lasting.

 6.  Round Table by Brownstone

Round Table

image source: matthewizzo

This small black wood round table is made of hard wood material that can be durable and long lasting. It also looks fantastic and would be a beautiful addition to any dining room.

 7.  Wooden Round Table

Wooden Round Table

image source: modern furniture warehouse

The lighter color of the tabletop to the darker hue of this wooden round table is a great design. The unique design of the table’s base gives adequate support for a better balance.

 8.  Large Base Design

 Large Base Design

The large base design of this round wood table would be perfectly balanced on any surface that it will be placed on. The unvarnished look that was done to this table makes it look rustic and charming.

 9. Pedestal Round Wood Table

round dining table

image source: shopncfurniture

This high pedestal round wood table with its polished veneer would look fantastic in any dining room that it will be placed. The wonderful design of its base makes extending the table easier to manage.

10. unpainted round wood table

simple round table

This unpolished, unpainted round wood table would be a statement to the dining room that it will be placed. Being unpainted and unpolished has a charm of its own that one can admire and see the fine grain of the mango wood that was used for this table.

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