Enchanting ideas for a bedside table

Enchanting ideas for a bedside table is really helpful. What really is a bedside table? Is that the table that is placed near the bed where we can put lamp shades and books and whatever? Never thought the day would come when even that small and often neglected piece of furniture would also catch the attention of furniture makers and designers. For whatever it is worth, here are some suggestions of designs that might make that bedside table enchanting for the room.

1. Slab Of Wood Original Design

Slab Of Wood Original Design

This is an original design taken from a slab of wood, polished and given steel legs and voila, it is now a bedside table. The bright orange color for the legs is a beautiful choice and would be a nice addition to any room in the house.

2. Beautiful Wood Chair

Beautiful Wood Chair

This beautiful wood chair could also work as a great bedside table. The lampshade is just right for it and could accommodate a few books besides. The intricate designed headboard of the bed matches this chair perfectly.

3. White Drum Table

White Drum Table

This white drum might have seen better days but right now it is just right for a bedside table. It also looks fantastic and could even be the envy of your friends for its originality.

4. Two Louie Vuitton Suitcases

bedside table

Two Louie Vuitton suitcases topped by a wooden tray makes this bedside table perfect for originality and beauty. The suitcases are classy by itself and would be suitable to use anywhere in the home.

5. Red Night Stand

Red Night Stand

This bold red filing cabinet is just the right height and color for a nightstand. The wonderful color of red would blend and contrast any interior color and the things can be kept in the cabinets.

6. Unusual Brown Bar Cart

Unusual Brown Bar Cart

This brown bar cart is an unusual choice but looks great just the same. The space that the cart gives is perfect for a night lamp or lampshade and whatever things that we bring with us when we go to bed. The design also fits wonderfully with the theme of this bedroom.

7. Fantastic Simple Wooden Ladder


Fantastic Simple Wooden Ladder

The simple wooden ladder looks fantastic as a design and the purpose of it being a night stand is also achieved. The rungs of the ladder are perfect places to put things on and the adjustable lamp is lovely.

8. Versatile Piece Wood Trunk

Versatile Piece Wood Trunk

A wood trunk is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as center tables and now as nightstands. It is usually well designed but some are simple but still they are a statement by themselves when placed in the room.

9. Graduated Lowly Barre Furniture

Graduated Lowly Barre Furniture

The lowly barrel has now graduated to a great piece of furniture and it looks fantastic. It is an unusual choice but the width of a large barrel could give more than enough space for the things that we put beside the bed. It is definitely a statement by itself.

10. Great Piece Stand Furniture


Great Piece Stand Furniture

This period piece will always fit into any room and could also work not only as a cabinet but also as center table and night stand. It stands out as a great piece of furniture bar none.

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