Creative double bed letto zip

Double Beds for your Home

Studies show that humans spend a lot of time in their lives in beds. Resting and sleeping are very essential to humans. And in order to have a good rest or a great night sleep, a comfortable bed should be purchased. You cannot just choose a bed. You must consider the size of your bedroom. In a bedroom, bed is not your only concern but also other furniture. Double beds provides more space than twin beds. This bed size is perfect for couples and for an individual. There are a lot of designs available for double bed sizes. When put in a guest room, you will not have a hard time decorating it. The bedding cost is less than a queen or king size bed so it would be advantageous for you to change your bedding on a regular basis.

1. Creative Fold Up Bed

Creative fold up bed for your home

This fold up bed is in the shape of a book. When it is opened up at night, the pages serve as a duvet and pillows to sleep in. During the day, you can fold it up and use is as a play mat.

2. Creative Bed Letto Zip

Creative double bed letto zip


If you do not have the time to make your bed upon waking up or you are just too lazy to do it, you should have this Letto zip. You can just zip it up and no one will notice ever notice the mess. This will make your daily-bed chore easy.

3. Creative Bed Sonic

The bed has a built in portable venue

The bed has a built in portable venue which plays music that moves for the prone bodies of an audience. You can lie in the bed alone or with someone.

4.  Contemporary Spring Bed

A contemporary spring double bed

The springs in this spring bed ensures a comfortably responding support for the individual who lies in this bed. Your partner can easily turn around without waking you up.

5. Bed With Quiet Dual Fans

Double bed for your home with quite dual fans

Using extremely quiet dual fans, cool air is pulled in from behind your head and circulating through the soft membrane which also acts as an air-cushion.

6. The Platform Bed

Platform double bed

This platform bed gives the illusion that the bed is floating in the air.

7.  Hand Made Contemporary Bed

This contemporary bed is hand made in France

This contemporary bed is hand made in France. It is available in numerous colors and two distinct finishes.

8.  Contemporary Cinema Bed

A comfortable cinema double bed

This comfortable bed also features a home cinema rack fitted between the two headboards. Now, you can watch a movie while lying on your bed and you can just simply turn it off if you want to sleep already. The screen disappears in your foot section with just a push of a button.

9.  Cool Double Bed Puppet Design

This bed both feels and looks fluffy

If you are a fan of something really cute, you should own this type of bed. It both feels and looks fluffy.

10. Cool Double Bed With Storage Design

Cool double bed with storage design for your home

This double bed is very functional. Aside from being a comfortable bed to sleep with, it also comes with built in drawers. You will no longer need a dresser. You can just out your stuff by the drawers underneath your bed. This would be a great investment for your room.

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