10 Designer Sectional Sofas Styles

Sectional Sofas

Ever since the Victorian era, the sectional sofas has continued to be renovated and updated. The major makeover happened in the 1950s when the sectional sofa became minimalist in style and was incorporated with then innovative features, like the built-in sofa bed. Sectionals are now available in many sizes, shapes and various fabric and leather upholsters, not to forget the functions/conveniences added like built-in storage, powered reclining seats and backs and many more. You might want to study the circulation of your space, and take some measurements of the room and the adjacent furniture pieces to guarantee choosing a relatively proportional sectional. It is also important to decide what do you want your sofa to feel and to say. That is you can choose a tight back, attached-pillow back, loose-pillow back or multi-pillow back; each provides distinctive support and comfort levels. To add, if you want this piece of furniture to blend in your current living space, choose a neutral colored fabric, but if you want it to catch attention and make a style statement, choose big fabric patterns or vibrant colors. The flexibility of sectional sofas lies in the ability to create different seating layout just by breaking the pieces apart or pushing them together. Check the following 10 living rooms with designer sectional sofas.

1. Sectional with Loose Pillows

Sectional sofa This sectional six-seater sofa with loose pillows complements the contemporary living room. The white armchair and the Eames reclining chair match the sofa in style and color, especially that the cushions and the carpet bring the colors of the palette together.

2. Tight-backed Sectional with Recliner End

sectional sofa with recliner This grey-upholstered, tight-backed sectional sofa has a recliner end, which is an extension of the seat to allow one to relax. The two office armchairs are definitely a design mistake.

3. Cocktail Ottoman Sectional

white L-shaped sofa The nearest piece of the sectional is a cocktail ottoman. As the name indicates, it is used as a tray support. However, it can also be moved to create a chaise lounge. Because the room walls and flooring is white, I would have preferred to exchange the colors of the sofa and the cushions.

4. Three-seater Sectional Sofa with Chaise Lounge End

gray modern sectional sofa This sectional sofa is actually a three-seater with a chaise lounge end. The grey fabric matches the chimney paint which is intended not to be traditional in order balance the high ornamentation in an attempt to complement the pop art, industrial style of the living room.

5. Neutral Sectional Sofa

Neutral Sectional Sofa

Another chaise lounge ending sectional sofa. Its neutral upholstery blends it in the room’s eclectic style. I must say here, that this style is very tricky, and it might end up chaotic instead of stylish.

6. Wide Wedge Corner

Wide Wedge Corner

Wooden houses have a charm of their own. The white and grey sectional sofa has a 135 degree wedge corner.

7. Traditional Sectional Sofa

Traditional Sectional Sofa

The traditional L-shape sectional bears a neutral upholstery that balances out the different patterned fabric used on the armchairs, center ottoman, cushions and window blinds.

8. Makeshift Modern Sectional

Makeshift Modern Sectional

Adorable does not adequately describe this ultra-modern living area. The merging of different black upholstery is very interesting, and adds light playfulness. The sectional is made up from four pieces of different shapes (chaise lounge, chair, corner cocktail ottoman, and recliner) that can be arranged in many ways to fit in the desired space. The tight backs are attached to other rotatable backs that can act as headrests when opened.

9. Elegant Sectional Sofa

Elegant Sectional Sofa

The attached pillow back L-shape sectional fits perfectly in this small living room. The color palette is elegant and classic, and the coffee table is proportional to the sectional sofa.

10. Love Seat vs Sectional

Love Seat vs Sectional

The love seat and the armchair here are displayed to show you the advantages of the sectional sofa. The corner between the two items is useless, and the living room provides only three comfortable seating space. A sectional with the same dimensions will allow six-seating space.   If you want to make use of neglected corners, you can always replace your loveseats and three-seaters by one long sectional sofa, especially if you have a large family or a large living space. Bear in mind that if you want a sectional but your house is not modern, you can find or customize traditional sectional sofas that have curved ends and ornamented backs.


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