Glass and frosted glass windows are conductors for light

10 Cool Front Door Design Ideas

Nothing contributes to the first impressions we give of our homes like the front door. It’s the primary entrance into our home, it sets the tone for the exterior and interior design, and dictates how we want our homes to be seen by ourselves and others.

Of course, they need to be secure and they need to work well. But they need to complement both the architecture of our homes, and the design inside. This can be difficult if we have a home with two contrasting exterior and interior home styles – you need to be able to find a balance.

Just by changing the colour, size, or material of your front door can rebalance the tone of how your entire home looks from the outside. Take a look at these cool and alternative examples of front doors and how they have contributed to stylish homes, and hopefully you’ll find the inspiration you’re after:

1. Wood And Glass Panels

Geometric wooden door

Maintain a modern feel to the front of your home using traditional materials with a geometric wooden door with frosted glass panels.

2. Classic White PVC

 Front door design

For a classic feel, go with bold white windows that contrast against the build of your home. Using PVC is a cost effective and durable solution.

3. Grand Wooden Entrance

Traditional entry

If you want your front door to make an impact, widen the door frame and go for a deep colour wood that contrasts against the rest of your home.

4. Bold And Bright

Yellow front door

Add a splash of fun and stamp your personality on your home by painting your front door in your favourite colour.

5. Traditional Wooden Door

Front door with with a European twist

Add a warmer splash to your home by painting your wooden front door with wood stain. Keep a traditional style, with a European twist.

6. Neutral Doors

Front neutral door design

For an understated look go for a door in a similar tone and shade to the rest of your home.

7. Contrasting Door And Frame

Dark front door

To add a bit of drama to your home or to make your door stand out and appear welcoming in a very light and pale home, add a darker door to a lighter door frame.

8. Consider Your Lighting

Glass and frosted glass windows are conductors for light

Glass and frosted glass windows are conductors for light, so if the front of your home looks a bit dark at night, add windows to your front door to let a little bit of light come through.

9. Doors On Large Homes

Cool front door design

Standard size doors can look a bit lost on larger homes, but we can’t always add a double door because of the architecture of our home. Add window panels to the top and sides of your door frame to widen the size of your door.

10. Welcoming Atmosphere

Door with warm colours

Add warmer colours, lights, and decorations at appropriate times, to warm up the front of your home and make it more inviting for your guests.

How much thought do you usually put into your front door? We often choose what we like, at random, without thinking too hard about the overall feel of the door and its contribution to our entire home. Next time you’re updating your front door, think about the bigger picture and you’ll get much better results.

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