Cool bedside table designs

Cool bedside table designs are created to give you ideas in crafting your home parts. The bedside table or popularly known as the night stand is a fixture in every bedroom. This is an all purpose table that holds the lamp, books, phone, keys or whatever small things that we usually bring with us before sleeping. Today the humble nightstand has caught the attention of designers and furniture manufacturers. Designs covering all possible size, shape and color have been done and it won’t do if your nightstand will not fit into the general design of the room.

Everything has to work together to make a room beautiful. Here are some cool bedside table designs that may pique your interest.

1. Floating Shelves as Bedside Table

Floating Shelves as Bedside Table

Putting in floating shelves beside the bed give storage space and can also be a nightstand. It also looks fantastic since it could be painted to match or contrast with the interior color.

2. Dark Wood Floating Ideas

Dark Wood Floating shelves

Dark wood floating shelves above the bed is a great way of utilizing the space . The dark color contrasted wonderfully with the bright green decors around the room. .

3. Guest Nightstand

Guest Nightstand

The use of a wood rack as a nightstand is another great design idea. Not only will it give additional storage space it also looks lovely when placed beside the bed.

4. White Nesting Tables Ideas

White Nesting Tables Ideas

These white nesting tables are great designs that can be placed in any room of the house. Using this as a nightstand is a wonderful design that added beauty and personality to the room.

5. White Floating Shelf Concept


This white floating shelf that was mounted on the wall is a lovely idea. The intricate design of the floating shelf made the room look beautiful.

6. Kids Room Beds Side Table

Kids Room Beds Side Table

A driftwood base with a glass top made this nightstand awesome. It also matched perfectly with the room’s design.

7. Lovely Designed Wooden Open Cabinet

Lovely Designed Wooden Open Cabinet

This lovely designed wooden open cabinet makes a great nightstand. It does not only give ample space for storage, it gives a statement to the room. The wheels placed on it are a great idea as it could be moved around easily.

8. Wooden Nightstand Decor

Wooden Nightstand Decor

This wooden nightstand is a great design as well as practical. It can be folded when the need for extra space arises and again it could spread out to be not only as a nightstand but as an extra table. Since it is wooden furniture, it could be used in any room interior.

9. Headboard Nightstand


Period pieces are always great design ideas and this antique vanity table is no exception. Used as a nightstand the intricate design framing the mirror looks gorgeous. The drawers below the table give space for extra storage. The dark color of the wood blends with any interior color of a room and would even give statement and personality to it.

10. Wood Table Design Plans

Wood Table Design Plans

This design is unique and timely. Having this type of nightstand beside your bed would give you a sense of security knowing that somehow you have a weapon to protect yourself if ever you would need it. The detachable tabletop to serve as shield is a fantastic idea.

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