Living Room with yellow storage units

Contemporary Design for Wall Unit Storage

 Giving your living room a contemporary appeal using Contemporary Design for Wall Unit Storage furniture with unelaborated straight-line design is a primary good idea worth considering. It makes your room a natty appearance.  It also gives your floor area extra space to further makes it look expansive. The way you want the storage furniture pieces positioned as they are hung on the wall also adds to your personal choice of designing your living room. It creates another dimension as you add more space, making you maximize the area of the room. The more that you make the design essentially linear, the more you adopt the contemporary style of designing your house. Here are 10 Living Room home interior design Wall Unit Storage furniture you can pick from.

Neutral Living Room Bookshelve with Books


The linear effect of this cabinet along with the sofa displays parallelism, an element of contemporary design. Open without doors, the storage allows you to stock your books neatly, functionally a good way to get and return books you like to read.

White And Green Living Room Bookshelves TV Cabinets

Here is a combination design of storage furniture arrangement. The upper part makes space for floating wood bars in appealing green shade color. The white shelves and drawers create beautiful contrast with another fully colored green open cabinet.

Cool and Chic Contemporary Wall Unit Storage

Contemporary Wall Unit Storage

This is something cool and chic, very contemporary. It holds your entertainment set, perfect for right size of your TV and other amusement gadgets. This is further punctuated with pictures and other shelf accessories. The elongated built-in storage darker in shade creates classy look that complements well with white wall, encapsulating the room.

Orange Built Wall Storage Unit


Here is another radiantly colorful orange color storage that blends well with the monochrome palette of the room. That letter “z” orangey built-in cabinet is flatly installed on the wall. That small horizontal floating shelf adds a cute peculiar style to further maximize wall space. Even contemporary design can adapt to those serpentine lines to break the monotonous effect of simple straight lines.

 Minimalistic wall Unit Storage Furniture


This very simple storage furniture creates a minimalistic look. All horizontally aligned makes the area roomy spacious.That glassy chair and pervading white color of the room works well with light screamy shade of the storage furniture.

Built in storage under the glass window


This is smart way to maximize space. The built-in storage under the glass window beautifully accessorizes this place. It is practical too.

Teal And dark wood wall unit Storage Furniture

Teal and dark wood wall unit storage

This is a very innovative and practical way to use space. Who could have thought that this space can be a study area? That table desk attached to wall is a smart idea and that mini bookshelf perfectly accompanies it.

Wall Storage Unit with Decorative Pieces

wall storage unit

The storage possesses a very abstract look that it perfectly holds that boob tube. The very few decorative pieces create formal and smart look in this area.

Dark wall showcases the different storage style


A definite segmented storage makes this room art-inspired. The dark wall showcases the different storage style that mark artistry in your design.

Living Room With Yellow Storage Units

Living Room with yellow storage units

This extensive yet embracing appeal of the storage all installed flat on the wall welcomes everyone for a sensible everyday interesting news event. The sunny yellow color creates a bubbly effect in this part of the room.

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